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02/05/20 9:46pm
The issues that Bernie Sanders speaks to reflect important contemporary challenges, but his heavy-handed government solutions would further bankrupt the nation and dim opportunity for those who need it most. 
03/21/19 11:18pm
On March 21, Penn Student Power spoke alongside local non-profit organizers about Penn's continued stance against paying Philadelphia PILOTs, Payments in Lieu of Taxes.
02/12/19 3:24am
1989 College graduate Juliane Dressner returned to her alma mater to air her feature-length documentary on this national issue  — and caught the attention of the Philadelphia City Council.
01/29/19 11:44pm
Mayor Kenney's report highlights how Philadelphia saw its highest homicide rate in in more than a decade. The city now aims to provide aid in what has been called a "public health crisis."
01/23/19 1:58am
Loftus plans to submit nominations for other properties and entire blocks of some West Philadelphia streets.
11/28/18 10:51pm
The new History Student Society has two goals: to strengthen relationships between history students and faculty and to foster a greater interest in history overall on campus.  
11/16/18 8:01pm
Organized by Penn’s Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, the study surveyed nurses at 535 hospitals in Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, and California. 
10/28/18 11:27pm
The two-day event emphasized an interdisciplinary approach to larger issues of policy.
10/16/18 7:18pm
Phones are collected at the beginning of class and only two bathroom breaks are allowed. The class has no prerequisites, no homework, no exams, and is graded based on participation and attendance only. 
09/28/18 7:28pm
Philadelphia ranks two spots behind New York, which claims no. 96.
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