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06/04/16 6:00am
The array of LGBTQ student groups at Penn is as diverse as the community itself. Here's a list of the existing clubs on campus.
05/13/16 1:31am
The Daily Pennsylvanian caught up with two alumni who have used their Penn education to work toward improving conditions for the LGBTQ community.
04/27/16 10:56pm
Phyllis Rackin, an English professor, helped open up opportunities for women in academia.
04/27/16 9:58pm
This past Monday, the newly-formed LGBT Health and Wellness Working Group held its first meeting. The group operates as part of the LGBT Center Advisory Council, which also oversees other working groups focused on development, faculty diversity and student engagement. 
04/27/16 2:35am
In early April, around 200 accepted LGBTQ students and allies received emails from members of Penn's queer community, telling them about the wide variety of LGBTQ resources that Penn offers.
04/26/16 1:59am
In recent years, recruitment of a diverse faculty has been a topic of much discussion within Penn’s administrative circles.
04/14/16 2:37am
Although each senior is given two taps, the application process is open, allowing anyone — regardless of whether they were tapped or not — to apply.
04/11/16 1:45am
This past weekend, over a hundred LGBTQ youth and allies from all over the state convened on Penn’s campus for the three-day Pennsylvania Youth Action Conference.
04/07/16 3:45am
A number of RAs and GAs believe that their identities have allowed them to be more sensitive and receptive to certain issues.
03/24/16 1:03am
Opinions of presidential candidates among Penn's LGBTQ community are as diverse as the candidates themselves.
03/20/16 10:00pm
Women’s Week will take place from March 28 to April 2, and the theme of the week this year is Empowerment.
02/29/16 12:46am
The theme of the conference is “The Future of Community Safety and LGBTQ Pennsylvania,” and many of the conference’s speakers and workshops will focus on ending violence against LGBTQ people, and in particular, transgender women of color.
02/25/16 11:45pm
On Feb. 26 and 27, over 50 students will perform in an annual production of The Vagina Monologues, put on by the V-Day University of Pennsylvania College Campaign.
02/22/16 12:42am
Student reactions to Caitlyn Jenner’s Wednesday evening appearance are mixed, although those within the LGBT community tended to be more critical of Jenner’s comments.
02/15/16 12:45am
From Feb. 12 to Feb. 14, Penn hosted an all-Ivy conference on mental health, titled "Unmasking the Ivy League".
02/12/16 3:10am
Caitlyn Jenner is included among a week of events celebrating the LGBTQ community.
02/08/16 2:25am
In nine days, Irvine Auditorium will welcome Caitlyn Jenner onto its stage and into the spotlight. But some students on Penn’s campus, and in particular, in the transgender and non-cisgender communities, will not be as welcoming.
02/01/16 3:54pm
Many of the conference’s workshops and sessions focused on the challenges of identifying with multiple minority groups as well as the experiences of less well-represented populations.
01/31/16 9:57pm
Despite the variety of niche groups on campus, some students discovered a void that needed to be filled: the absence of safe spaces that welcome all women across Penn.
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