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05/11/12 3:22am
Words in a column, book or a speech, for that matter, mean nothing without action to supplement them.
04/18/12 12:57am
The whole weekend is built around the idea of the momentary. After all, that’s why they call it a “fling.”
04/03/12 12:38am
Around 1 a.m. last Tuesday, a blog monitoring public spots to hear the oral arguments (that I had been refreshing for hours) reported that there were still spots available. I immediately decided to travel to the capital.
03/20/12 11:17pm
At first, it was impossible not to be disappointed with what happened. Everyone I talked to told me that I would learn from this experience.
02/15/12 12:38am
I always thought that most great writing is short and sweet. But in only 81 words, President Reagan makes three pivotal points to consider in the context of Valentine’s Day, especially on a college campus.
02/01/12 1:33am
When the government or another authority continually steps in as a virtuous purveyor of wisdom, it creates a culture that prevents personal responsibility.
01/18/12 12:41am
Last semester, at the annual State of the School event hosted at the Penn Museum, the problem of fiscal abuse by those in charge of our funds reared its ugly head at Penn.
11/29/11 1:55am
Given the administration’s current student group funding structure, it’s very difficult to host political speakers.
11/21/11 11:09pm
It is the unconventionality and conservatism of quarterback Tim Tebow’s offense that allows the Denver Broncos to win.
11/15/11 12:14am
The seeds of the European debt crisis lie with the creation of the euro over 10 years ago by technocrats and politicians who felt they could outsmart the financial system.
11/08/11 12:35am
Last week’s Obama event on campus focused on the short-term gain without thinking of the long-term pain that will be caused.
11/01/11 12:56am
There aren’t enough people involved in the pro-life movement at Penn.
10/24/11 11:55pm
On Nov. 8, in Philadelphia’s local elections, there is one race at the bottom of the ballot that is especially competitive and where there is an opportunity for political unity — the race for city commissioner.
10/22/11 1:53am
Yesterday, we missed an opportunity to hear Eric Cantor talk about the solution to the problems our nation faces.
10/18/11 12:10am
The problem with Penn professors’ Occupy Wall Street solidarity statement is that it takes what happened in a few months in 2008 and uses it to explain the entire financial crisis.
10/03/11 7:52pm
Thirty years ago, innovation in residential life was possible on Penn’s campus. Next week, it will be possible once again.
09/20/11 12:00am

Charles Gray | Rethinking intellectualism

A tactic that has been used by the media and many elements of the Left when handling the Tea Party is to portray it as a group of anti-intellectuals who are unsophisticated.
09/13/11 12:21am

Charles Gray | Glory outside the halls of Congress

While politics often brings out the worst in people, it can occasionally bring out the very best.
04/19/11 4:36am

The Gray Area | A faculty-initiated fix

When faculty members decide to get involved the University, they have the potential to make immediate changes for the better.
04/12/11 4:40am

The Gray Area | A PURManent endowment

It’s time to set priorities straight — the University needs to increase funding for the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program.
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