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04/04/18 11:13pm
Kelly Cleary will replace longtime director of the program Inge Herman, who left Penn abruptly mid-October of last year, to many students' confusion.
03/25/18 11:36am
Students involved in the Asian American studies program held a conference on Friday, entitled, 'No Program No Peace: On the Importance of Ethnic Studies and Inter-Ethnic Solidarity.' 
03/23/18 12:30pm
Inge Herman served as executive director of the dual degree program since 2003.
03/11/18 10:42pm
By wearing camera-equipped glasses, users share what they see with human 'visual interpreters' who are connected through a built-in wireless connection. 
02/24/18 7:30pm
Penn has been developing its positive psychology program, but some say that, compared to other Ivy League institutions like Yale and Harvard, Penn appears to be lagging behind. 
02/21/18 7:57pm
While many students say they enjoyed the class in the past, the competitive nature of the course, particularly its grading, drew criticism — prompting a redesigning of the curriculum. 
02/08/18 7:51pm
From a former refugee and a 75-year-old lifetime Eagles fan to a Penn graduate with his family of six, here are the stories of the people at the historic Super Bowl celebration this Thursday. 
01/28/18 7:53pm
Universities have sought STEM classification for economics since “Econometric and Quantitative Economics” was added to the list of STEM-designated degree programs in 2012.
01/26/18 4:16pm
Penn Global's Committee on International Travel Risk Assessment deems 70 countries as "heightened security risk regions" for reasons ranging from terrorism threats to fragile government infrastructures.
01/17/18 7:50pm
The year-long struggle to keep the Asian American Studies program alive has sparked conversations about the importance of ethnic diversity in Penn’s curriculum.
12/17/17 12:44am
Because of the association between food and decreasing hunger, even seeing food can indicate to the brain that the body is receiving the nutrients it needs, suppressing the desire to eat.
12/08/17 8:00pm
Penn professor Ezekiel Emanuel worked on the ACA as an advisor to Obama, and Thomas Miller co-wrote the 2011 book, “Why Obamacare is Wrong for America.” 
11/26/17 9:59pm
“To everyone who has been harassed or abused at Berklee, I am so sorry,”  Berklee College of Music President Roger Brown said. “I apologize for this institution. It’s unacceptable."
11/20/17 9:29pm
"The book, in a way, challenges the notion of Penn Face because it really conveys students’ raw feelings and lets other people know it’s okay to be vulnerable."
10/27/17 10:03pm
The museum’s three-phase renovation, which will be completed in 2021, aims to modernize its presentation of artifacts to better engage visitors and draw the greater community of Philadelphia. 
10/15/17 10:12pm
The event's star-studded guest list was a "major institutional statement in support of the LGBT community at Penn," said an alumni.
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