Articles by Cathy Li

02/26/24 8:40pm
Columnists Cathy Li and Liala Sofi urge Penn students to stand against the destruction of Chinatown. 
12/04/23 9:20pm
Columnist Cathy Li highlights Philadelphia’s emerging food scene against nationwide restaurant closures.
10/23/23 8:07pm
Columnist Cathy Li examines what it means to study the liberal arts at institutions that prioritize immediate return on investment. 
03/14/23 11:24pm
Columnists Cathy Li and Fiona Miller discuss how complexities like race and gender play into the conversation about public transit. 
02/25/23 4:48pm
Columnist Cathy Li writes about how asking better questions could facilitate a better learning experience and understanding of a subject.
01/18/23 6:58pm
Columnist Cathy Li criticizes Yale's response to the Washington Post article on their leave of absence policies, and examines Yale's steps to move forward.
11/22/22 10:34am
Columnist Cathy Li encourages students to consider taking a break if their path at Penn warrants one.
10/03/22 8:04am
Columnist Cathy Li argues that taking a Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies class could transform student thinking.
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