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11/28/17 12:29am
Not all courses in the History Department count towards the History and Tradition sector, and no calculus courses actually satisfy the Natural Sciences and Mathematics sector.
09/25/17 11:36pm
“Wanted to get you to your goal! I’m so inspired by what you guys are doing. Love and thoughts to Puerto Rico and everyone affected by Hurricane Maria," Fallon wrote.  
06/29/17 10:22pm
The writing requirement is notorious for being dreaded by students, but there are a few courses that have shown to be the exception.
04/25/17 7:13pm
"If a resident reports their laundry stolen, we encourage them to file a police report. The reality in most cases is that another student is responsible for the missing laundry, whether maliciously or accidentally,” Director of Residential Services John Eckman said in an emailed statement.
04/19/17 9:16pm
“[The cost] is definitely an issue, which is why she is only staying for a day,” said College freshman Ji Yoon who will be hosting a friend from Columbia University. 
04/16/17 8:16pm
“At the end of the day, we need to balance the safety of our pedestrians and the environmental impact of what we do,” Penn Executive Director of Operations and Maintenance Faramarz Vakilizadeh said.
04/14/17 5:45pm
Vice President Joe Biden will speak at Cornell University’s Convocation this May, according to the Cornell Daily Sun.
04/11/17 8:15pm
"The ingredients required for Passover meals are substantially more expensive. Additional steps are also required for preparing the meals," Penn Director of Hospitality Services Pam Lampitt said in an email. 
04/07/17 6:53pm
The Daily Tar Heel reported that Robinson and her lawyer plan to appeal the University's decision.
04/03/17 8:27pm
“It did not live up to my expectations,” Zhang said. “Reading the description, I thought there would be a lot more activities, a lot more sharing.”
04/02/17 5:25pm
Northwestern University announced that it will not take disciplinary action against Sigma Alpha Epsilon and another unspecified fraternity after allegations of the use of a date rape drug and sexual assault at the two houses
03/28/17 6:48pm
For Zhou, sleep is a vital component to her well-being. The Detroit native said health is her “number one priority” and getting enough sleep allows her to work more efficiently in the mornings and throughout the day.
03/24/17 4:33pm
Zhang was a 2016 graduate of the University of Toronto and part of the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association at the Law School, The Crimson reported.
03/21/17 9:01pm
A large factor for many Penn students who stay on a meal plan is the convenience of dining halls and retail locations. Many of these students are athletes, who tend to crave hearty, ready-to-eat meals.
03/19/17 8:46pm
“It has complicated things a lot more than I was prepared for, social things are a lot harder to commit to,” College junior Vanjessica Gladney said.
03/17/17 4:42pm
Duke University tweeted a photo of the Turkish flag and a Swastika accompanied by several "Nazi" hashtags.
03/16/17 7:38pm
“I have found that when I go to other houses they always seem to be a bit quieter ... I feel like we are rare in that we are always together, we learn each others’ quirks and cohabitate very well together.”
03/12/17 10:12pm
With dining halls closed, some students have trouble finding affordable options for food.
02/26/17 8:02pm
This decrease in energy, which beat last year's, is equal to 198 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions — the equivalent of taking 42 cars off the road or planting 5,143 trees.
02/24/17 6:37pm
The lecture-style class will have 100 students and will "examine President Trump’s rise, using media, race, and gender as a lens for looking at the future of democracies" according to The Chicago Maroon.
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