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08/07/17 1:15pm
Though Penn’s administration has maintained a meticulous silence towards its first graduate to reach the Oval Office, records of Trump’s past at Penn suggest that relations weren’t always so icy.
04/26/17 8:53pm
According to a report from Open The Books, a database of government spending, 29.6 percent of the $17.8 million the Ivies spent on lobbying from 2010-2014 could be traced back to Penn.
04/26/17 4:32pm
One protester, who did not want to be named for fear of retaliation from the white supremacy groups, said she and others who participated were angered by what they saw as Penn's nonchalant attitude towards the neo-Nazi flyers put up around campus earlier this week. 
04/26/17 12:58am
“There is a whole life experience that predisposes children to be more successful, and get into these more successful schools, and get drawn into careers that feel like their childhood and feel like the elite trajectory that they have been on throughout their childhood," said Alexandra Michel, a Graduate School of Education professor who used to work at Goldman Sachs.
04/19/17 4:40pm
One major recommendation involves the creation of a new category for off-campus organizations — called “Identified Off-Campus Groups.”
04/02/17 10:58pm
Members of the Wharton Class of 2004 who remembered Trump generally described her as polished, hardworking and nice. Like her father, she transferred to Penn before her junior year, and she wasn’t particularly involved in Penn’s social scene.
03/15/17 3:34pm
Penn's School of Nursing and the Wharton School took the top spots on U.S. News & World Report and QS World University Rankings.
03/06/17 8:38pm
Trump's policy, outlined in a new executive order released on Monday after the original version was blocked by several federal judges, bans travel from six majority-Muslim countries.
03/01/17 2:56pm
Vice Provost for University Life Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum announced the student's death in an email to all undergraduates on Wednesday afternoon.
02/21/17 11:41pm
Some of Penn’s international students grew up in cultures where mental health is not discussed or even acknowledged.
02/16/17 11:32pm
Previously, students or alumni who wanted to transfer their medical records to a third party — like a future medical provider — had to obtain a print copy of the records, to be scanned or mailed.
02/15/17 10:45pm
As graduating seniors prepare to enter a workforce characterized by political uncertainty under Trump's presidency, many have had to rethink their professional plans — particularly those students who had hoped to work in politics or government.
02/01/17 9:48pm
At Penn — where sexual assault has long been the focus of both student activism and administrative attention — potential rollback of federal guidelines on sexual misconduct is unlikely to have any serious impact.
01/31/17 9:23am
The choice of U.S. Sen. Booker (D- N.J.), a vocal critic of Trump's ban, falls in line with Penn's evident distaste for hard-line immigration policy.
01/30/17 10:46pm
Students at Penn from the banned countries now face a heartbreaking choice: remain in the United States indefinitely, unable to travel home and see their families, or forfeit the Penn education they spent years working towards.
01/26/17 2:19pm
The draft of the order demands a 30-day halt on immigration from several countries that have already been labelled as linked to terrorism under various laws, including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. 
01/24/17 8:50pm
By the fall of 2018, environmental humanities will be its own minor, offering classes ranging from environmental ethics to digital humanities and history of the environment.
01/21/17 1:05pm
The Washington Post reported that the number of people using the metro to get into the city to march is already higher than it was for the inauguration yesterday. 
01/20/17 12:42pm
Trump frequently referenced his Wharton degree while campaigning, arguing that his Ivy League credentials have sharpened his business acumen. 
01/12/17 1:13am
This year, Penn will begin awarding a $150,000 scholarship to student leaders in mental health and wellness.
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