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12/10/23 11:23pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian's Opinion department and Editorial Board weigh in with their thoughts on the resignations of Liz Magill and Scott Bok. 
12/08/23 10:00am
Several Penn alumni reflect on Penn’s response to recent events, including the Palestine Writes Literature Festival, the ongoing Israel-Gaza war, the withholding of alumni donations, and responses from Penn’s administration to these ongoing crises. 
10/18/23 10:03pm
Members of the Penn community share out their thoughts and perspectives on the ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas, Penn's response to the conflict, and its impact on campus life and discourse.
09/18/23 10:46pm
Members of the Penn community share their thoughts and perspectives about the upcoming Palestinian Writes Literature Festival. 
09/07/23 12:07am
Opinion Editor Caroline Magdolen implores the Penn community to get involved and stay engaged with the Daily Pennsylvanian this school year. 
08/21/23 10:34pm
Columnists at The Daily Pennsylvanian and Penn community members alike have shared their thoughts, reactions, and insights on the Supreme Court's decision to forbid race-conscious admissions in higher education.
05/12/23 2:27am

The Graduation Issue 2023: Columns from the DP's graduating seniors

Senior columns cover the ups and downs of Penn, and everything in between.
11/10/22 12:33pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen calls on Penn to pioneer what an immersive, effective climate education should look like.
10/20/22 2:42pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen contemplates what it means to be happy and fulfilled as a college student
09/12/22 6:33am
Columnist Caroline Magdolen contemplates what is lost when students spend class time on electronic devices. 
08/21/22 7:10am
Columnist Caroline Magdolen highlights the struggles that aided Penn students endure to fund their education, and what University administration can do in response.
04/21/22 1:23pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen reflects on her experience with on-campus housing over the past two years, and how her perception of College House community has changed. 
01/28/22 6:13pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen demands that Penn students and administrators recognize that Penn’s current admission practices are not need-blind, and fight for a legal methodology for admissions and financial aid distribution. 
12/09/21 4:44pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen discusses how the Omicron variant will affect our future. 
11/23/21 9:52am
Columnist Caroline Magdolen argues that "weed-out" courses do little to inform students about a discipline and instead discourage diverse students from studying the subject.
10/25/21 1:27am
Columnist Caroline Magdolen argues that Penn's replacement for Penn InTouch will do little to improve the fundamental issues with Penn's academic and advising systems.
09/26/21 7:00pm
Caroline Magdolen encourages us to give back to the local ecosystem, even in urban spaces like Philadelphia, as seemingly harmless inaction can lead to exponential damage in the long run.Columnist Caroline Magdolen argues that we need to pay more attention to Philadelphia's ailing ecosystem and squash lanterflies!
09/11/21 9:30am
Columnist and New Yorker Caroline Magdolen reflects on how her Brooklyn neighborhood comes together each year to remember those who died on and as a result of 9/11.
08/21/21 9:19pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen writes about the anxiety surrounding climate change, and how we have more power than we think to enact positive change.
06/27/21 3:08pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen writes about ranked choice voting and how it is a better way of electing candidates compared to the standard winner-take-all system. She argues that we should include ranked choice voting wherever we can — starting with the clubs and organizations that we are a part of. 
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