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11/08/18 12:14am
Jews straddle the eroded precipice of whiteness, with one hand reaching into its abyss. It is necessary to name the system of white supremacy of which anti-Semitism is one face.
10/29/18 9:11pm
It seems especially wrong when professional athletes are unionized and through this representation, have won six-figure minimum salaries. 
10/10/18 12:07pm
Between sterilizing mass movements and corroding our political energy, voting is a necrotizing infection that renders our comatose body politic septic.
04/12/18 5:44pm
Ariela Stein’s column last week displays less an earnest desire to understand than a show of power, demanding parameters of discourse when her side already dominates effective speech.
01/19/17 6:04pm
In response to student concern over access to groceries, FRES said the following in an email statement: “Penn will work with the surrounding community to provide some alternative convenience/access to products and services during the transition to minimize disruption to the University and neighborhood customers.”
01/12/17 8:35pm
The restaurant is styled like a more upscale version of the Chinatown restaurant, with a full bar with ten signature cocktails, private dining rooms and a pool table. The interior is illuminated with Edison bulbs and decorated with Chinese art. 
01/10/17 9:29pm
The Fresh Grocer, which has been operating at this location since 2001, disputes the claim that they did not renew their lease on time and is reaching out to customers, students and locals to sign a petition to keep the store. 
12/13/16 12:51am
During Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks students can take advantage of free residence visits by Penn Police to check for signs of criminal activity or security breaches.
12/07/16 10:04pm
Here are the crimes committed in the Penn Patrol Zone from Nov. 23-29, as provided by the Division of Public Safety.
12/01/16 3:31am
Father James Martin graduated from Wharton in 1982 and out of college started working in corporate finance for General Electric.
11/21/16 2:24am
As students across the country became distraught following Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, professors at Penn and other schools cancelled classes and postponed exams.
11/16/16 11:57pm
See what crimes occurred in the Penn Patrol Zone between Nov. 4 and Nov. 10. 
11/10/16 2:53am
Once it was apparent that Trump had won, some political groups were pleased with Tuesday’s outcome while others were incited to action.
11/08/16 11:33pm
Trump's candidacy has taken many twists and turns on his attempted path to the White House.  
11/07/16 1:51am
Weckerly’s Ice Cream started in the kitchen of the Green Line Cafe on the corner of 43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue. Its products have been sold at Gourmet Grocer and Metropolitan Bakery.
11/05/16 11:39pm
At 5:10 p.m. on Saturday, a juvenile riding a red bicycle tried to grab an unaffiliated woman's cell phone on the 4000 block of Locust Street.
11/03/16 9:07pm
Besides selecting between Trump and Clinton, Philadelphia voters will also have a slew of down-ballot candidates to choose between. 
11/02/16 1:31am
DPS pays careful attention to the character and history of job applicants before hiring them, and even after being hired, they go through a lengthy orientation program.
11/01/16 2:26am
At 3:58 AM on Sunday Oct. 30, Penn Police responded to a report of armed robbery on Sansom Street, prompting a UPennAlert at 4:24 a.m.
10/28/16 6:18pm
Penn Dining retail offers a variety of products, ranging from dartboards, flyswatters and Advil to Coca Cola and hand-packed fruit cups.
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