Articles by Camila Irabien

12/04/19 10:28pm
The College Fed Challenge is a team competition hosted by the Federal Reserve for undergraduates where teams create monetary policy suggestions for the Fed.
11/13/19 10:28pm
For the 2019 early decision deadline, Penn received 6,088 applications, while 2018 saw 7,109 applications.
11/11/19 9:05pm
Penn Med researchers began their trial in 2017, and have since performed the surgery as part of their investigation into the procedure
10/17/19 6:50pm
Hendrickson's friends, colleagues, and previous students filled the room to support him and hear about his newest work, "Plagued by Fire: The Dreams and Furies of Frank Lloyd Wright." 
09/24/19 7:57pm
The Water Center published an initial report identifying the challenges the area faces, including industrial and agricultural pollutants, crumbling infrastructure, and sewer overflow. 
09/21/19 12:06pm
Penn students and faculty joined the Philly Climate Strike, an event organized to demand that Philadelphia implement a citywide Green New Deal. 
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