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03/19/19 12:59am
Both Penn and Philadelphia have their own sustainability offices, and similar to their carbon emission targets, Penn shares the city's overall goals while setting its own stricter guidelines. 
02/27/19 4:49am
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) and Lt. Governor John Fetterman (D) are traveling around the state to gauge the public’s reception to legalizing recreational marijuana.
02/19/19 11:08pm
Biden criticized President Donald Trump's policies, and touted his experience as vice president in an impassioned conversation with Gutmann — but notably didn't touch on his presidential aspirations.
02/19/19 8:17pm
The event on Penn's campus occurs as people across the nation have been speculating about Biden's potential run for office in 2020.
02/08/19 5:26am
In a recent CNN poll, 62 percent of Democratic voters said former Vice President Joe Biden should run for president.
02/06/19 4:57am
At the Penn Dems watch party in Rodin College House, attendees stressed the importance of observing the event, despite their significant policy disagreements with Trump.
01/28/19 2:58am
Wolfe has spoken out against the beverage tax and hopes to decrease taxes across the board, calling the current system outdated and “perfect for mid-19th century Philadelphia."
01/25/19 5:42am
Penn Dems hosted a comment writing session Wednesday informing students about the potential impacts of the new Title IX regulations.
01/20/19 8:32pm
Chants of “I refuse to lose” and “I choose to be more than what you think of me" rang throughout the crowd. Signs read “Intersectional Feminism” and “Black Lives Matter.”
01/16/19 1:06am
Penn Law professor Stephen Burbank, who helped hire Warren, and Colin Diver, the dean of Penn Law at the time, both said they think the senator could beat Trump.
12/11/18 6:21am
2015 Nursing graduate Jennifer Toth said she was two and half years old when her parents noticed a lump on her abdomen as they were giving her a bath.
12/10/18 2:34am
Through the Penn Fellows program, professors learn more about University operations over meals with administrators. This year’s cohort includes 17 mid-career professors. 
11/30/18 7:35pm
After working as a renowned archeologist, White came to Penn in 1990 to teach as a classical studies professor. He was also the curator of Penn Museum’s Mediterranean section before retiring in January 2004.
11/28/18 1:54am
The research could reveal new information and challenge assumptions about early human history in Africa.
11/11/18 3:12am
Although it is listed as an inalienable right in the Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of happiness is not often explicitly present in Penn's class curriculums. Penn professor James Pawelski hopes to change that by offering a new class next semester.  
11/05/18 2:35am
The ranking is calculated from the mean and the median of total law journal citations over the past five years to the work of tenured faculty members.
11/04/18 10:35pm
The Polybian Society is a non-partisan political discussion group on campus that is a branch of Penn's Government and Politics Association.
10/26/18 9:05pm
Penn's Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé and Professor James Pawelski of the Penn Positive Psychology Center co-organized the event. 
10/22/18 1:56am
Mele and Kane earned the reward for their innovations on a new class of materials called topological insulators, which have important implications for electronics performance and quantum computing.
10/18/18 3:30am
The conversation turned to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, with Krasner criticizing both Democratic and Republican senators for their questions during the Kavanaugh Judiciary Committee hearing.
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