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09/25/23 9:01pm
According to the DP's analysis, the overall number of academic integrity and student conduct violations both decreased compared to previous school years.
04/25/23 8:31pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with Grossman, her colleagues, and GSE students about how GSE has changed in the past eight years. 
04/06/23 2:20pm
Strunk will follow GSE Dean Pam Grossman, whose eight-year term ends on June 30.
03/02/23 9:32pm
For the 2023-2024 academic year, the eligibility threshold for financial aid packages that fully cover all undergraduate costs will be raised to $75,000.
02/22/23 10:52pm
The addition brings the school one step closer to Dean Pam Grossman's One Penn GSE vision, an initiative intended to unite GSE's separate facilities into one space.
02/06/23 10:29pm
Elise Scioscia was chosen for the position after a nearly year-long nationwide search prompted by the departure of former Director Malik Washington in January 2022.
02/02/23 11:23pm
For the 2022-2023 school year, SCFDDE has been charged with considering the needs of the Penn community who feel “victimized” by faculty, especially in relation to academic freedom. 
12/07/22 1:38am
The Mitchell Scholarship accepted only 12 students out of 306 applicants this year, and Balasubramanian will pursue a master’s degree in philosophy at Trinity College Dublin.
12/06/22 2:40am
The 41-page suit was filed by Yale student mental health group Elis for Rachael and two current Yale undergraduates on behalf of all Yale students who have suffered from mental health disabilities.
11/18/22 2:02am
One day after Trump announced his third bid for presidency, Lauder was the third GOP mega donor to announce he would not financially support Trump's third run for the presidency.
11/14/22 12:58am
Troy Majnerick, Associate Director of the New Student Orientation & Academic Initiatives, said that the program is a rebrand of the Take your Professor to Lunch program, with more “sophisticated” features, but the same goal: to foster mentorship relationships for all Penn members.
11/01/22 12:42am
The percentage of female top earners across Philadelphia's top 100 public companies now stands at 15%, female executives at 19%, and female directors at 25%.
10/28/22 1:43am
Faust, who is also a Harvard President Emerita, delivered a talk titled “Remembering Not to Forget: Reflections on the Last Half Century of Women at Penn” at Hill Pavilion.
10/07/22 3:22pm
Forbes calculates the annual ranking of the wealthiest Americans based on individually-owned assets, businesses, debt, and charitable giving.
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