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02/12/21 11:39am
Written decades ago, "Native Son" by Richard Wright stands, unfortunately, as a largely-accurate picture of the systemic racism in America today. This Black History Month, consider it a must-read.
01/20/21 7:22pm
As college students return to campus, it may appear that young America is "over" the COVID-19 pandemic. While this shouldn't come at a surprise, it does make it more likely that long-term goals of society will be prolonged for short-term gain.
12/10/20 12:50am
After months of last-minute decision making, Penn's international students are left bearing the brunt of the cost of a virtual semester, with potentially long-term consequences.
11/17/20 11:03pm
Some activists have called for toppling all controversial statues, which they believe would set the stage for achieving racial equity. But I think a blanket removal is profoundly misleading for two reasons.
10/22/20 5:02pm
There is ample evidence showing that culture of origin is no indicator of assimilation and performance.
10/04/20 10:15pm
Police Free Penn rightly points out the necessity to “reimagine police-free strategies for community safety and well-being.” But the gulf between imagination and reality runs deep.
07/12/20 5:32pm
With over 1,500 international undergraduates enrolled, Penn should make Go Local available. This is feasible, given that Penn Abroad has over 50 exchange partners in 17 countries.
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