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12/09/10 2:02am

Med school admissions value humanities background

Instead of studying organic chemistry to become a doctor, applicants to Mount Sinai School of Medicine are allowed to study subjects in the humanities.
12/07/10 3:03am

Wharton grad launches dream-sharing site

In addition to posting photos and messages, social-network users can now share their dreams online, thanks to Wharton MAster of Business Administration graduate Kim Muhota's new web site.
12/06/10 7:54am

Internships at Penn offer variety

Some students look no further than Penn to find their dream internships — both during the school year and over the summer.
11/24/10 5:45am
While most Penn students are packing their bags and boarding trains or planes, some are staying on campus for Thanksgiving break.
11/19/10 4:28am
College sophomore Jonah Meyerson has appeared in film and on television but remains best known for his role as Ben Stiller’s son in The Royal Tenenbaums.
11/17/10 4:54am

Penn a cappella groups meet ‘crazy’ requests

Besides hosting their own shows and singing at campus functions, Penn’s a capella groups receive some unique requests.
11/12/10 3:02am

Website sells successful Ivy applications

Law School alumnus Howard Yaruss's new website,, now permits college applicants to buy successful applications to the Ivy League.
11/10/10 1:49am

Penn libraries make tech leaps to meet demands

In response to the community’s increasing online-only research needs, Penn Libraries administrators claim that libraries will not become obsolete.
11/03/10 3:09am

International students weigh the cost of college

Education at private colleges in the United States remains one of the most expensive in the world, yet almost 4,000 international students apply to Penn every year.
10/25/10 1:32am

International Relations Department takes students to the United Nations

On Oct. 22, 37 students had the unique opportunity to tour the United Nations and mingle with alumni in their major during an annual trip to New York City.
10/22/10 5:46am

Students face racism abroad

Though hundreds of students study abroad each semester, reports indicate that minority students may be hesitant to do so. Penn is trying to gain better data on this issue.
10/20/10 12:15am

New tracking tool ensures abroad students' safety

By registering in the Global Activities Registry, Penn students abroad can not only identify every Penn person in their area, but also receive automatic e-mails from Penn based on the area in which they are residing.
10/08/10 12:48am

Unlike peers, Political Science department continues to grow

Though political science departments across the country are shrinking due to the poor economy, Penn's department is 'committed to maintaining strength' and continues to look for new faculty.
10/07/10 6:31pm

Alum earns Nobel Prize in chemistry

Ei-ichi Negishi, who earned his PhD in chemistry at Penn in 1963, received the award on Wednesday. He is the seventh recipient of the Nobel Prize linked to Penn's Chemistry Department.
10/05/10 11:41pm

Provost's Office announces next year's academic theme

The Office of the Provost announced Tuesday that the academic theme for the 2011-12 academic year is the Year of Games.
09/28/10 3:56am

No plagiarism software in Penn admissions was created to find plagiarized essays in the classroom, but has been adapted for us in college admissions. However, Penn has no plans to use the software.
09/21/10 4:03am
In addition to starting their first college classes, getting to know their roommate and learning their way around Philadelphia, some freshmen began the year vying for spots on Penn’s dance teams.
09/18/10 1:21am

Journalism now its own minor

After years of student discussion and requests, the English department announced a Journalistic Writing minor earlier this week.
09/15/10 1:47am

Students frustrated with availability of online syllabi

Since courses are only listed on Blackboard after students enroll in a class, students are finding it difficult to use syllabi to inform their registration.
09/10/10 1:09am

Penn welcomes new study abroad director

Penn alumna Barbara Gorka previously worked for Colgate University and Temple University in their study abroad programs.
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