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06/29/17 10:24pm
The club recruitment process at Penn, which occurs every fall and spring, has been characterized by students as competitive and discouraging, according to a survey by the Undergraduate Assembly done in February.
04/23/17 7:52pm
A recent report by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers found that nearly 40 percent of American universities have seen a decrease in international applications since Trump's travel ban. 
04/19/17 10:05pm
Under the proposed budget, TRIO — a consortium of programs that includes Upward Bound — would have its budget slashed by 10 percent. GEAR UP, a state and partnership grant program for public schools in low-income neighborhoods, would lose one third of its federal funding.
04/19/17 3:51pm
Pennsylvania Department of Health has projected that its medical marijuana program will launch by 2018.
04/19/17 12:43pm
Between 2014 and 2016, the hospital had alternated between ‘B’ ratings in the spring and ‘A’ marks in the fall, according to the survey.
04/12/17 10:32pm
“I went over to the physics table, and I’m not even interested in physics,” Class of 2021 admit Neelu Paleti said. “But seeing their enthusiasm really made me want to do something in that field.”
04/11/17 6:51pm
"The Class of 2021 Facebook group will remain active this year, barring any unforeseen issues,” Vice Dean and Director of Marketing and Communications Kathryn Bezella said in an emailed statement. 
04/06/17 9:24pm
The grand prize winner, Pinch, developed an automated kiosk that dispenses various spices, herbs and seasonings in grocery stores.
04/05/17 10:57pm
Virtually all schools cited their admission percentage and the size of their applicant pool.
03/30/17 2:57pm
Penn has admitted 3,699 students among 40,413 applicants to the Class of 2021 — a record-low 9.15 percent acceptance rate.
03/29/17 11:06pm
“I said, well, that’s weird not to be accepted to this group that seemed like they should want more people to talk about rape and sexual assault,” Butkiewicz said. 
03/29/17 10:46pm
Director of Sexual Violence Prevention Jessica Mertz hopes that the entire community becomes involved in stopping sexual assault so that an incident like the one at Northwestern doesn’t happen on Penn’s campus.
03/26/17 4:03pm
The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Graham Spanier — the former president of Penn State — was found guilty of the misdemeanor by a jury of five men and seven women. 
03/22/17 10:50pm
Regina Cunningham will assume the position in April
03/22/17 9:46pm
Team Haya qualified for the Regional Finals in Boston by winning the Hult Prize at Penn, proposing a plant-based toothbrush that does not require water or toothpaste. 
03/13/17 8:27pm
Some universities — most recently Columbia — have accidentally sent congratulatory acceptance letters to students who were in fact rejected.
03/01/17 2:44pm
The draft will take place outdoors for the first time, in a huge outdoor theater built for the event in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 
02/23/17 7:12pm
“If this is an admitted student group, then we can decide at a certain point, let’s say the May 1 reply date, that that group no longer exists, that we take the group down,” Admissions Dean Furda said. “The purpose has already been served.”
02/22/17 9:28pm
Mitchell’s reporting for NBC News — where she currently serves as veteran chief foreign affairs correspondent — has spanned five presidents and included coverage of Cuba, foreign policy and Congress, according to her biography on MSNBC.
02/19/17 11:07pm
“We talk a lot being first generation low income in college, and we forget what it was like when we were seniors in high school and all of the fees we had to pay,” Alfaro said.
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