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12/03/23 8:31pm
Columnist Brett Seaton calls for Penn to remove certain accommodations for students in special situations. 
11/12/23 9:50pm
Columnist Brett Seaton calls on Penn leadership to stop making political statements. 
11/03/23 2:47pm
Columnist Brett Seaton discusses the career selection process at Penn and how to think probabilistically about your future. 
09/27/23 10:07pm
Columnist Brett Seaton discusses how an aging political class impacts government spending and the future solvency of our country.
07/07/23 12:00am
Columnist Brett Seaton walks through the steps Penn can take to continue affirmative action while preserving the endowment.
03/02/23 3:05pm
Columnist Brett Seaton addresses the opaque world of venture funding and what macroeconomic movements in the capital markets that Penn students need to know.
02/03/23 10:11pm
Columnist Brett Seaton urges Penn to change its curriculum to focus more on content that cannot be reproduced by AI.
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