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08/04/11 3:22am

Student establishes first youth-led statewide LGBT organization

2011 College graduate and incoming Penn Design student Jason Goodman has established the first youth-run statewide LGBT organization in the country.
07/08/10 3:25am
Artists of all skill levels can partake in art-related activities this month — local artist Anthony Campuzano is hosting a month-long “Summer Studio” at the Institute of Contemporary Art.
06/17/10 1:56am
The Penn Women’s Center hosted “Super Swap”, an event at which parents could exchange new and gently used children’s clothing, footwear, books, and toys.
06/11/09 5:00am
Last weekend, crowds at the Class of 1923 Ice Rink proved that one man's trash really is another man's treasure. At the sale, sponsored by PennMOVES, people were given the opportunity to help local charities by purchasing products left over during move-out, in addition to those donated directly by individuals and organizations.
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