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04/25/18 7:23pm
The Penn Relays is the nation's oldest and largest track and field meet, typically attracting over 100,000 spectators and competitors to Franklin Field.
04/24/18 3:21pm
“We are in the process of reviewing the bill with appropriate staff," University spokesperson Stephen MacCarthy wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian.
04/18/18 1:57am
Starbucks announced on April 17 that they would close over 8,000 stores for 175,000 employees to go through racial-bias training. 
04/16/18 6:56pm
The OAS was founded in 1948 by the United States and 20 Latin American nations in order to promote diplomacy and collaboration.
04/10/18 9:18pm
The Perry World House hosted a colloquium titled “Prospects for Reform on International Migration and Refugees” was held on April 10. 
04/03/18 6:29pm
Despite that the light poles were greased, as they were during the recent Super Bowl win, rioters still managed to climb them in a frenzy.
04/01/18 6:26pm
PAGE and Penn Democrats hosted the “Know Your IX” panel discussion, which focused on Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments Act and its lasting effect on the ways that universities handle sexual assault. 
03/29/18 8:26pm
Penn made a significant leap in research expenditure from 2015 to 2016, jumping from being 17th in the country to being third in the nation. 
03/20/18 4:01pm
While this link was not found in relation to Clinton’s rallies, the researchers discovered that cities experienced 2.3 more assaults on days that they hosted Trump rallies. 
03/18/18 7:11pm
The ASDA is a national student-led organization with over 24,000 members that holds meetings throughout the year for students to network and receive education on issues currently challenging dentistry.
03/16/18 3:00pm
This is not the first of Krasner's more progressive policy changes. With a background of a civil right's attorney, Krasner aligns himself with many of the causes furthered by former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.
03/15/18 3:40pm
Researchers from from Penn, Columbia, UCLA, Rutgers, and the United States Forest Service collaborated to conduct the study using randomly selected vacant lots in Philadelphia. 
02/21/18 11:34am
Attendees filled the space at the event titled “Reporting on Gender Violence in India," a discussion sponsored by the Penn South Asia Center and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.  
02/20/18 9:16pm
Telehealth technology has been rapidly expanding to provide patients with immediate, attainable care.
02/14/18 6:43pm
"We can no longer consider Mr. Wynn to be an exemplary role model for the industry and, more importantly, for our students," the University wrote in a statement on Feb. 9. 
02/08/18 8:25pm
The study found that the group with a higher weight bias internalization were three times more likely to have metabolic issues and a six-fold increase in high triglycerides.
02/07/18 8:00am
The event was sponsored by the 2018 Public Policy Case Competition, which is challenging participants to design a government policy or program to prevent opioid use disorder.
02/01/18 5:30pm
The ability to perform tasks such as shopping and banking online also may have allowed Americans more time to sleep, Basner told Penn Medicine News.  
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