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07/28/16 11:22am
US universities seem to believe that the right to consider race in college admissions, which they originally desired in order aid disadvantaged black applicants, now also allows them to set an enrollment cap on another US minority. 
07/13/16 11:19pm
While the rest of the world sees our violence, turbulence, and political instability, they also see that we at least still hold on to the integrity of our anger and our desire to listen and be heard worldwide.
06/16/16 7:27am
My mother is a lively woman with an infectious, uncompromising spirit.
06/02/16 12:24am
I refuse to allow Western attitudes convince me that to be male and Asian is to be inherently and non-negotiably unattractive.
04/14/15 11:02pm
On Tuesday, the Social Policy and Practice School, Annenberg, College, Nursing, Graduate School of Education and Law School deans gathered to discuss social issues relevant on campus and in Philadelphia. 
04/07/15 1:20am
In late March, the Penn faculty startup and Penn Center for Innovation spinout company Gencore Systems secured $100,000 from Philadelphia’s StartUp PHL fund.
03/26/15 1:03am
A new study suggests that watching television has made people more afraid of crime.
03/24/15 1:34am
While some Penn students were partying away on the beach in Mexico and others were at home binge-watching Netflix, some students spent their Spring Break making a difference.
02/23/15 11:31pm
Who said engineers don't win Oscars?
02/12/15 3:34am
Historically, southwest Philadelphia has had some of the lowest rates of accessibility to fresh organic produce. The Community Farm and Food Resource Center at Bartram’s Garden — also known as Bartram’s Community Farm seeks to change that.
10/29/14 1:58am

Professor Jean Bennett's innovative new treatment helps improve the vision of blind children

She discussed her work as the 2014 LSM Decision Resources Lecturer in Bodek on Tuesday
10/01/14 1:41am
General Manager Erica Hope made the executive decision to change the store's hours, believing that the home-style, handcrafted chicken and mac & cheese would lure in hungry partiers.
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