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12/08/12 8:10pm

New ethics class combines knowledge, professors across all four schools

A team of instructors across the School of Arts and Sciences, the Perelman School of Medicine, the Law School and the Wharton School will guide students through ethical issues
12/04/12 12:17am

Wharton juniors launch movement for potential fashion program at Penn

A group of Wharton juniors is circulating a petition to develop a program focused on the business of fashion and design. They initially drafted the document for a project that required them to galvanize support for a cause on campus for their “Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management” class.
11/28/12 9:35pm

Seniors get a headstart on writing their final theses

Some members of the senior class across the College of Arts and Sciences will write or have already written their senior theses.
11/26/12 12:54am

International scholars add depth to Penn Law School

In addition to a visiting scholar program for full faculty members or post-doctoral researchers, Penn Law offers the Bok Visiting International Professors Program, which brings senior-level legal practitioners to the school.
11/12/12 9:51pm

Politics-based classes have to re-focus after election

In the wake of last week’s election, several politics-focused courses at Penn are approaching the rest of the semester in slightly new ways.
11/08/12 12:02am

Center for the Study of Contemporary China continues to engage community

Center for the Study of Contemporary China is offering students a hub for modern Chinese studies
10/30/12 11:30pm
Despite being stuck inside for most of Monday and Tuesday, students passed the time in a variety of ways — some more unconventional than others.
10/14/12 11:00pm

New study offers insight into faculty life at Penn

With a 73.5 percent response rate, the University’s first-ever survey of all standing faculty members offers a window into the faculty’s opinions of their workloads, compensation and resources for teaching and research, among other topics. MULTIMEDIA: Penn Faculty Survey
10/10/12 7:19pm
The School of Arts and Sciences is moving forward with its plan to construct a new Neural-Behavioral Sciences building, a 76,500-square-foot facility near 38th Street and University Avenue
10/01/12 8:36pm
The six-course American Sign Language minor was approved by a unanimous vote by the School of Arts and Sciences faculty last April, becoming the first program of its kind in the Ivy League.
09/23/12 11:35pm

University faces new research regulations

The policy now includes more detailed requirements for reporting to the National Institutes of Health as a funding source, as well as for the management and documentation of any hypothetical conflict-of-interest issues.
09/21/12 2:35am

Dean of School of Arts and Sciences leaving to return to faculty

The School of Arts and Sciences is looking for new leadership. SAS Dean Rebecca Bushnell will end her tenure at the close of the academic year, returning to the faculty after holding the position for eight years.
02/16/11 5:28am
While some receive prescriptions to take Adderall, they are among the Penn students with more legitimate means of acquiring the drug.
02/02/11 3:00am
In the past three years, about 18 percent of Penn's new hires were alumni, with about five percent earning degrees while employed by the University.
12/15/10 8:09am

Obama taps former Penn President Rodin for advisory board

Judith Rodin, who served as Penn's president from 1994 to 2004, was appointed to the White House Council for Community Solutions on Monday.
12/12/10 10:01pm

Penn students, doctors support local health center

While some Penn students help Sayre High School students improve SAT scores and GPAs, others engage in health-based community service through the Bernett L. Johnson Sayre Health Center, a full-service primary care facility located on site.
12/09/10 3:34am

Grassroots AIDS activism at Penn

Though World AIDS Day this year did not feature any major Penn events, a handful of individuals continue to actively address the disease.
12/06/10 6:15am
Mentorship programs, which connect Penn to Sayre High School, prepare West Phila. high school students for college and beyond.
12/01/10 3:53am

A lease is the key to good landlord-tenant relations

When students decide to move off campus, negotiating a lease may seem daunting. But this legal agreement is crucial to residents' quality of life.
11/19/10 2:17am

Over 10,000 hold Penn credit cards

Over 10,000 people hold Penn affinity cards — more than any other Ivy League School. These credit cards display the University's logo to express affiliation with the University.
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