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03/24/20 10:38pm
The seminar will examine the history of European-style pantomime and the social and political impacts of Chaplin’s twentieth-century silent films.
02/14/20 8:02pm
The Galentine’s Day event at the Penn Museum was inspired by the holiday popularized by the sitcom "Parks and Recreation," in which protagonist Leslie Knope celebrates her female friends the day before Valentine's Day.
04/28/19 6:54pm
The change follows city legislation banning cashless stores due to low-income discrimination. 
04/21/19 8:58pm
While births outpaced deaths in the city, around 1,400 more people moved out of Philadelphia than entered it. 
04/14/19 9:40pm
Philadelphia ranked 102 out of 125 cities in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 ranking. This marks a decrease from the 2018 rankings, where the city was ranked 98th.
04/08/19 8:08pm
Philadelphia might implement a fee for driving in congested areas depending on the outcome of New York City's similar plans for 2020. 
03/31/19 11:17pm
The researchers suggested that adolescents take more risks because of environmental factors that are part of a normal process of adapting to adulthood. 
03/26/19 12:22am
The materials can use light to solve integrals faster than digital computers. 
03/17/19 12:35pm
The resolution honors Mill, who grew up in North Philadelphia, for his work in reforming the criminal justice system.
02/11/19 8:49pm
Leary's first steps as director include the creation of a nursing innovation podcast. She assumed the position Feb. 1 after working part time as an innovation specialist in the Office of Nursing Research. 
02/03/19 5:26pm
In his new role, Gladney plans to promote the Faculty Excellence and Diversity Initiative, an effort to hire more faculty members of underrepresented minorities at Yale. 
01/27/19 5:27pm
The Healthy Weight Food Pharmacy provides healthy foods and nutritional education for patients who indicate that they face food insecurity.
12/02/18 6:33pm
Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Miami preceded Philadelphia on the list, with Chicago and Orlando following.
11/17/18 4:22pm
Researchers analyzed more than 100,000 Yelp reviews posted between 2005 and 2017 and found that urgent care centers had higher percentages of five-star reviews compared to emergency departments.
11/11/18 7:27pm
Pets are currently not allowed in Penn dorms. 
11/05/18 10:00pm
Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, and Yale universities all outranked Penn on the list. 
10/24/18 9:53pm
The bill defines a new set of standards that four-year institutions must meet to become a Certified Suicide Prevention Institution of Higher Education and was sent to Gov. Wolf for final approval on Oct. 18.
10/19/18 3:13pm
The 2018 Reuters list placed Penn as the second most innovative Ivy League university and the fourth most innovative university in the world.
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