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04/28/19 6:54pm
The change follows city legislation banning cashless stores due to low-income discrimination. 
04/21/19 8:58pm
While births outpaced deaths in the city, around 1,400 more people moved out of Philadelphia than entered it. 
04/14/19 9:40pm
Philadelphia ranked 102 out of 125 cities in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 ranking. This marks a decrease from the 2018 rankings, where the city was ranked 98th.
04/08/19 8:08pm
Philadelphia might implement a fee for driving in congested areas depending on the outcome of New York City's similar plans for 2020. 
03/31/19 11:17pm
The researchers suggested that adolescents take more risks because of environmental factors that are part of a normal process of adapting to adulthood. 
03/26/19 12:22am
The materials can use light to solve integrals faster than digital computers. 
03/17/19 12:35pm
The resolution honors Mill, who grew up in North Philadelphia, for his work in reforming the criminal justice system.
02/11/19 8:49pm
Leary's first steps as director include the creation of a nursing innovation podcast. She assumed the position Feb. 1 after working part time as an innovation specialist in the Office of Nursing Research. 
02/03/19 5:26pm
In his new role, Gladney plans to promote the Faculty Excellence and Diversity Initiative, an effort to hire more faculty members of underrepresented minorities at Yale. 
01/27/19 5:27pm
The Healthy Weight Food Pharmacy provides healthy foods and nutritional education for patients who indicate that they face food insecurity.
12/02/18 6:33pm
Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Miami preceded Philadelphia on the list, with Chicago and Orlando following.
11/17/18 4:22pm
Researchers analyzed more than 100,000 Yelp reviews posted between 2005 and 2017 and found that urgent care centers had higher percentages of five-star reviews compared to emergency departments.
11/11/18 7:27pm
Pets are currently not allowed in Penn dorms. 
11/05/18 10:00pm
Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, and Yale universities all outranked Penn on the list. 
10/24/18 9:53pm
The bill defines a new set of standards that four-year institutions must meet to become a Certified Suicide Prevention Institution of Higher Education and was sent to Gov. Wolf for final approval on Oct. 18.
10/19/18 3:13pm
The 2018 Reuters list placed Penn as the second most innovative Ivy League university and the fourth most innovative university in the world.
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