Articles by Artur Vllahiu

04/15/22 9:54am
Columnist Artur Vllahiu argues that we have a lot to learn about the intersection of love and power relations from philosophy. 
02/16/22 6:47pm
Columnist Artur Vllahiu cites the work of German philosopher Martin Heidegger, arguing that COVID-19 is an inflection point in our understanding of existence and the lack thereof. 
12/06/21 8:40pm
Columnist Artur Vllahiu argues that we should not expect pleasant treatment from dining workers in light of poor working conditions.
10/26/21 11:23pm
Columnist Artur Vllahiu argues that Penn's liberal arts education does little to encourage students to challenge the status quo and create radical change.
07/28/21 7:06pm
Guest columnist Artur Vllahiu writes about how death doesn't need to be a source of fear. Citing different existentialist philosophers, Vllahiu makes the case for how thinking about death can actually make us feel better.
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