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12/10/09 5:18am

Brought To You By The Letter "A" | Go east, young Penn

Studying abroad, no matter what country, is fantastic, and more students should take advantage of this opportunity.
12/03/09 5:44am

Arielle Kane | Still tales as old as time

Once upon a time, there was a princess. There’s usually always a princess involved.
11/12/09 4:46am

Arielle Kane | Not a neatly wrapped box

The irony of a Jewish girl getting excited about the Christmas season will come as no surprise to many Penn students.
11/05/09 3:37am

Arielle Kane | Remembering to breathe

There’s a dirty little secret they don’t tell prospective freshmen on campus tours: midterm week? It’s a myth.
10/29/09 4:56am

Arielle Kane | Living in a material world

Although the psychological benefits of shopping are still debatable, what it can represent still means something.
10/21/09 4:26am

Arielle Kane | Time to stop the madness

Arielle Kane's appalled at last week's drama, and the lengths people will go for their 15 minutes
10/15/09 3:26am

Arielle Kane | Magazine madness

Do you want to go into magazine journalism? I really hope not. I thought I was interested in it, too. Now I’m not so sure.
10/08/09 1:56am

Arielle Kane | An open letter to my profs

I know I’ve got some bad habits, and I’m ready to compromise
10/01/09 4:48am

Arielle Kane | Google the Gutenberg

Google has reinvisioned books, and it's time they're allowed to digitize for real
09/18/09 12:30am

Arielle Kane | A frighteningly great craze

From 'Twilight' to 'True Blood,' vampires are everywhere these days
09/10/09 2:51am

Arielle Kane | A problem close to home

Being a transfer student can be so awkward. Finding housing shouldn't be.
02/09/09 5:00am

Some grads choose the road less traveled

As Feb Club kicks into gear, it's hard for seniors to not think about that other major milestone slowly creeping up on them - May 18, when they will don cap and gown, smile for their parents, and say goodbye to life as an undergrad. As a general rule, some will get their first job or pursue graduate work.
12/05/08 5:00am

For some students, hunting hits a bullseye

The closest most Penn students have ever come to hunting is probably watching Looney Tunes' Elmer Fudd try to catch that "wascally wabbit." But this past Monday, when most were still recovering from their post-Thanksgiving celebrations - or beginning to study for finals - high school students throughout Pennsylvania got the day off in honor of the first day of deer-hunting season.
12/04/08 5:00am
Scott Mackler is the living future of medical technology. Mackler, a researcher in Penn's Departments of Medicine and Pharmocology, was diagnosed with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, in May of 1999. The disease causes motor brain cells to degenerate, eventually debilitating all mobility,
12/03/08 5:00am

Group helps West Phila. students explore new cultures

Sometimes, you don't need to travel far to learn first-hand about the world. That's what the roughly 50 students of Cathedral of Praise Community Church's after-school program learned two weeks ago when members of the International Student Council visited.
12/02/08 5:00am
Thanksgiving: is there any holiday more quintessentially American? Every year on the last Thursday of November, families sit down to turkey, pumpkin pie and presumably to give thanks. While specifics vary by family and region -- marshmallows on the sweet potatoes? Football or parade? - the overwhelming majority of Americans seem to follow a set pattern of reuniting with family and overeating.
11/26/08 5:00am
Penn students may soon find they have a lot more in common with their grandmothers. Starting next semester, students will be able to rent small shopping carts - commonly known as "granny carts" - and canvas bags from Harrison College House as part of the pilot program of a new Undergraduate Assembly initiative headed by the Sustainability, Safety and Facilities Committee.
11/25/08 5:00am

Vampire movie 'dazzles' Penn students

As the clock neared midnight on Thursday, College sophomore Raliegh Davis grabbed her friends and ran toward the Bridge Cinema Delux to watch Edward Cullen on the big screen. Like many Penn girls (and some boys), Davis has been bitten by Twilight - the recently-relea
11/17/08 5:00am

Signing up early for spring break

Temperatures have dropped, Christmas decorations have arrived and finals are looming. Spring break has never seemed so far away. With four months until students can play in the sunny beaches of Acapulco or help rebuild homes in New Orleans, next semester's vacation plans should be in the back of everyone's minds.
11/11/08 5:00am

Learning to say 'hello' before goodbye

This semester, College senior Rebecca Gerr could have been kicking back, enjoying her soon-to-be freedom from academic life. Instead, she chose to enroll in Portuguese 114 - Portuguese for Spanish speakers - where she spends one hour four days a week with her fellow estudiantes learning a new language.
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