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12/03/10 6:29am

Apple’s iPad invades classes

The iPad craze has hit Penn, and students can be seen using it in classrooms and study spots all over campus. Sales have shown an average monthly increase of 33 percent over April sales, and still growing.
11/02/10 4:39am

LGBT welcome at Penn

Penn is the number one gay-friendly school in America, according to Newsweek magazine — which used an aggregate of The Advocate’s and’s ratings.
05/14/10 1:08am
Despite pervasive stigmas casting nursing as a female field, Penn’s small number of male nurses has begun to grow.
04/28/10 11:01pm

'Three Cups of Tea' author to speak at Nursing commencement

A nurse himself, Greg Mortenson will offer a unique, global perspective on nursing in his speech, which fits with the Nursing School’s educational model.
04/23/10 2:00am

Freshman gets a head start on career with $111,000 car

At the beginning of his sophomore year in high school, Peisach, an Engineering freshman, embarked on a mission to recreate the Shelby Cobra, a British-built-and-designed car from the 1960s. By the end of his senior year, he finished and then auctioned the car off for $111,000.
04/15/10 3:43am

Alum to compete in Bravo reality show

Abdi Farah has quickly moved from long hours in Penn’s art studios to long hours in a New York City studio with Bravo’s new show 'Work of Art: the Next Great Artist.'
04/01/10 2:58am

Senator to speak at Engineering graduation

U.S. Sen. Ted Kaufman of Delaware will speak at the 254th SEAS undergraduate commencement. Rajendra Singh, a member of the Penn Engineering Board of Overseers, will speak at the doctoral ceremony.
03/19/10 4:05am

Nursing number one for NIH grants

The University of California San Francisco was ranked second with $8.8 million and the University of Washington was third with $8.5 million.
03/17/10 11:58pm

Two years of planning, Nursing soon to finish new curriculum

Recently, students were asked to write their suggestions and thoughts on post-its on message boards throughout the Nursing School.
03/02/10 5:27am
For those mesmerized by the 3D cinematic experience of Avatar, it remains to be answered whether the technology the characters use in the film is a possibility or mere Hollywood creation.
02/18/10 4:29am

Nanotech center receives $1.5 million grant

The NTI solicits and reviews projects involved in nanotechnology and awards funding to submissions geared toward “commercialized and marketable” projects that “will make a difference in peoples lives,” said Robert Carpick, a Penn professor and Penn Principal Investigator Director of NTI.
02/12/10 6:39am

All-female team wins IBM challenge

The all-women team won first place in the undergraduate division of the 2010 Marketing Summit at the Wake Forest University School of Business.
02/03/10 6:11am

Nursing School to collaborate on improving long-term care

Penn, in collaboration with Long-Term Quality Alliance, will now play a role in improving care for and increasing awareness of people in need of long-term care.
01/26/10 5:40am

Penn study discovers increasing autism locally and nationally

In an ongoing study spearheaded by Penn Nursing in 2002 and run under the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities and the Pennsylvanian Autism and Developmental Surveillance Program, Penn researchers have discovered that Autism Spectrum Disorder has, in fact, increased from 2002 to 2006.
12/09/09 5:10am

Penn, peers see rise in early applications

Penn, Brown University, Duke University and Dartmouth College reported increases in their early decision application numbers.
12/04/09 4:46am

Around the Ivies: Columbia expansion plans hit roadblock

A New York state court ruling Thursday forced Columbia University to scale back its expansion plans.
12/02/09 3:48am

QuestBridge scholars reflect on first semester

Students who came to Penn through QuestBridge — an organization that links low-income students with colleges for full scholarships — say their first semester has been a success both academically and socially.
12/01/09 2:50am

Ivy Council to publish admissions essay book

Many prospective Penn students want to know how to get into an Ivy League school — and some students are working to provide the answer.
10/29/09 1:10am

Admissions dean Furda featured on NYT college blog

This week, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Eric Furda has partnered with The New York Times to answer questions from students and parents going through the college admissions process.
10/28/09 3:49am

Facebook not a factor in admissions at Penn

High school students have encountered the next wave of admissions paranoia: scrambling to alter Facebook names and profiles.
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