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11/16/23 11:16pm
Guest columnist Ariel Koren argues that President Liz Magill has weaponized false narratives of antisemitism to stifle antiwar activism led by Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, and Jewish students and faculty. 
09/07/14 6:07pm
If you aspire to improve student life from a policy perspective, if you want to work toward understanding and meeting the needs of dozens of student groups, if you’re interested in managing funds that impact the entire undergraduate student body and if you hope to consult the administration on issues that are central to every Quaker’s experience, run to be a part of the Undergraduate Assembly.
03/24/14 5:36pm

Guest column by Ariel Koren and Jesus Perez

Penn needs a student body president who is equipped to work tirelessly to solve the aforementioned problems, and UA presidential candidate Joyce Kim has the track record, the vision, the relationships and the commitment that it takes.
02/22/12 9:30pm

Your Voice | Moving forward together

Things aren’t perfect for women — or for men — at Penn or in the world. But I am thrilled to be in a time and on a campus in which I, as an individual, could be elected the president of my class on a platform of inclusion and embracement of diversity.
02/16/12 11:27pm

Ariel Koren | That's what she said …

Whether wearing a suit and Penn tie or a well-suited pencil skirt, every student here is perfectly positioned to effect a change as a leader.
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