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10/16/17 2:11am
It is high time for common sense gun control legislation. It’s been high time since Sandy Hook and Pulse Night Club, since Aurora and Tucson, since Columbine High School and Virginia Tech. 
04/17/17 1:45am
The footage that came out of Syria last week is beyond description. Bashar Al Assad’s chemical attack against his own people is nearly impossible to watch.
03/20/17 2:08am
The primary aim of any large-scale government program is not to save money. Social Security does not aim to reduce the deficit.
02/21/17 4:06am
The state of the press is alarming. And many of the critiques of the media, echoing endlessly in the ears of the American people, are legitimate and necessary.
02/06/17 4:34am
One week after his inauguration, President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order indefinitely halting the resettlement of Syrian refugees and temporarily banning people from seven Muslim-majority nations from traveling into the United States.
11/02/15 5:31am
The 2016 presidential election has captivated our nation’s collective interest, with televised debates best resembling Comedy Central roasts.
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