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05/08/13 6:55pm

Farewell Column by Anna Strong | Finding that Sunday morning feeling again

From sitting next to him at Sunday breakfast, I learned everything I know about sports and sports writing. We’d sit together and read a profile on an up-and-coming pitcher or a big feature on the college football bowl games. He taught me how to read box scores and stat sheets, and when breakfast was over and the weather was nice, we’d all go to the park with a wiffle ball and bat or a frisbee.
04/04/13 8:41pm
The Quakers made a strong statement in their opening weekend of Ivy play, sweeping Dartmouth and splitting with Harvard. This weekend, they have the chance to start pulling away in the race.
03/21/13 9:29pm
This season, Penn baseball’s freshmen have been impressive contributors and have filled some holes left by last year’s graduating class. But much of their success has been due to the upperclassmen leadership, particularly from senior captains and offensive powerhouses Ryan Deitrich and Spencer Branigan.
03/10/13 10:54pm
The Quakers spent the time off from academics on a three-team, nine-game tour of the South, making stops at Williamsburg, Va. to take on William & Mary, Durham, N.C. to play Duke and Rock Hill, S.C. to square off with Winthrop.
01/14/13 10:08pm
Back when college football players didn’t wear shoulder pads and the most popular national sports were boxing and horse racing, Notre Dame and Penn were both competitive gridiron programs.
11/14/12 10:27pm
Van Roten, who graduated from Penn in the spring of 2012, is now more than halfway through his rookie NFL season with the Green Bay Packers and serving as a backup center.
11/08/12 1:42am
Renovations of Hutchinson Gym have displaced the women’s rowing team from its normal indoor practice facility, forcing the squad to split time with the men’s programs in Hollenback and Franklin Field.
11/06/12 12:31am

Strong | Ivy League’s player safety stance should be the norm

The Ivy League has a history of leadership in education and ground-breaking research, but this year it’s being recognized for its innovation in another category: student-athlete safety. “So what?” you might say.
11/05/12 12:22am
For better or worse, every single game Penn has played this season has been hard-fought from start to finish, and fourth-quarter scoring drives have become quarterback Billy Ragone’s specialty.
11/02/12 12:39am
The Quakers are locked in a three-way tie for first place in the league with Princeton and Harvard, and the outcome of Saturday’s game will determine how the final stretch of the season plays out.
10/10/12 11:32pm
Let’s just say this up front: The first four games of the Penn football schedule were rough.But here’s the good news: Columbia and Yale are up next.
10/08/12 8:35pm

Strong | Penn must put the pieces together

What the Penn football team needs is to start a game strong, finish a game strong and keep up the momentum in between.
09/27/12 10:39pm
Harvard will be without Kyle Casey and Brandyn Curry, the school’s senior co-captain stars, for the upcoming basketball season. These are colossal, potentially season-ruining losses for the Crimson.
09/20/12 11:33pm
Penn’s last win against Vilanova was a 22-0 victory at Franklin Field in October 1911. Still, the Quakers have what it takes to unseat the Wildcats this year.
09/14/12 1:26am
Last season, Penn’s offensive line consisted of one returning star and four question marks. This year, the line returns four starters, all but eliminating the lack of game-time experience problem.
09/13/12 12:56am

Strong | Go with your 'Plan A'

Many recent Penn graduates have continued their athletic careers at a professional level by following ‘Plan A’ and fully committing to their dreams.
09/06/12 12:37am
Van Roten, a 2012 graduate, recently signed a deal with the Green Bay Packers’ practice squad after participating in the team’s training camp.
08/28/12 10:52pm
Susan Francia became the first female Penn alum to ever win two gold medals in a single event.
08/01/12 9:29pm
Penn doesn’t have a varsity figure skating team. But maybe now that 2012 graduate Ami Parekh is looking to become the first figure skater to go to the Olympics from the University, they may look to promote the club sport.
08/01/12 8:27pm
Like Voiro and Van Roten, Barreiro said that while it’s not easy to go from Penn to the big leagues, persistence is the key to making it.
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