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08/14/12 11:43pm

Charges dropped against graduate student

Almost five months after Khadijah White’s arrest, the District Attorney dropped all charges at yesterday’s court hearing.
08/06/12 3:24pm

Man found dead near 42nd & Spruce at suicide scene

Meyer was a philosophy professor at Temple University and received his doctorate from Penn.
08/06/12 1:32am

Armed robbery occurs near 40th & Pine

The robber wielded a weapon, but there were no injuries to the victim, who was unaffiliated with the University.
08/01/12 7:26pm

Penn releases diversity action plans

The June 2011 release of the University’s Diversity Action Plan received a mixed response from student groups at Penn.
07/11/12 8:45pm

Crime Log | June 29 — July 5

Check out what crimes happened on and around campus last week.
07/09/12 3:06pm

Rape reported on 40th and Pine

Last Friday at 1:40 a.m., a woman reported being physically and sexually assaulted by a male acquaintance at 419 South 40th Street.
07/09/12 1:53pm

Three men stabbed at 40th, Market

One of the defendants claimed that he only stabbed the victims as a defense, since they allegedly jumped and beat him.
06/28/12 9:59pm

Second complaint filed in faculty ghostwriting case

Psychiatry professor Jay Amsterdam filed a second complaint on June 26 against two colleagues based on ghostwriting charges that Penn had dismissed in March.
06/26/12 11:12am

Man fatally shot on 40th & Market and 7/11 is robbed

When police arrived at the scene, 25-year-old Jarrel Teague had already been shot multiple times in the arm, chest and neck areas.
06/20/12 9:25pm

Board of Trustees discusses upcoming year at June meeting

Penn President Amy Gutmann, members of the administration and the 57 members of the Board of Trustees attended the semi-annual meeting on June 14 and 15.
06/13/12 9:02pm

Crime Log | June 1 — June 7

Check out what crimes happened on and around campus last week.
05/30/12 6:31pm

Students who torrent may face consequences

Several students have faced consequences from the Office of Student Conduct for illegally file-sharing or “torrenting” movies, music and television shows from their computers.
05/23/12 9:49pm
Many members of the Service Employees International Union view the School Reform Commission’s plan as privatization of the public school system in Philadelphia.
05/10/12 4:29pm
The hotel is providing a special rate for the busiest weekend of the year — $249 per night instead of the usual $259-299.
04/25/12 12:42am

Crime Log | April 13 — April 20

Check out what crimes happened on and around campus last week.
04/24/12 8:12pm

Philadelphia Police Department launches mobile crime reporting app

The Philadelphia Police Department is now using iWatch, a mobile application that allows citizens to text tips to the police without being identified.
04/22/12 10:02pm
Homewood Suites, owned by Hilton Hotels and Resorts, will have a soft opening May 1 with operations fully open to the public. An official grand opening with formal tours will take place early August. GALLERY: Homewood Suites on Walnut Street
04/19/12 10:15pm
Members from Penn Police, PennComm, Department of Fire and Emergency Services and AlliedBarton Security were awarded commendations of merit.
04/16/12 8:57pm

Professors research welfare of children in assisted-living programs

Two Penn professors have started collaborating for an interdisciplinary study that will examine the educational well-being of impoverished children.
04/12/12 10:28pm
PennWalk and Penn Park officers, who are employed by AlliedBarton, are protesting poor working conditions, unfair promotions and insufficient health insurance benefits.
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