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10/24/21 5:02pm
Columnists Andy Yoon and Emily Chang argue that Penn must bridge the resource divide between Wharton and the other undergraduate schools.
09/23/21 6:00pm
Columnist Andy Yoon discusses the long-term implications of our fossil fuel emissions and how the world will change in the next decades, regardless of our actions.
08/31/21 1:24pm
Columnist Andy Yoon discusses how we can reduce perfectionism as in-person classes return.
07/06/21 1:33pm
Columnist Andy Yoon writes about the folly of American exceptionalism and how the United States isn't always going to be on top — unless we do something about it.
06/01/21 10:53pm
Columnist Andy Yoon argues that standardized testing is an essential component of the college admissions process, and that students actually benefit from its presence.
04/10/21 10:34pm
Columnist Andy Yoon reflects on a year of pandemic life and suggests some permanent changes that may make our lives more healthy.
03/16/21 11:14pm
Columnist Andy Yoon explores the harms of the "model minority" myth amid rising hate crimes against Asian Americans.
02/19/21 7:58pm
Columnist Andy Yoon makes the case that imposing a dining plan requirement on sophomores is not the way to build community.
02/12/21 11:35am
The quick rise and fall of GameStop's stock was largely driven by small investors looking to turn a quick profit. But young investors must be wary of such schemes and treat online investments with care.
02/04/21 2:00pm
Penn's student body is largely made up of outgoing students, so no one should be surprised that Penn's mitigation efforts seem to have little effect on some members of the community.
01/14/21 12:17am
Schuyler’s interpretation of free speech, which skirts culpability through an allegiance to the Constitution, is in fact representative of a broad issue that we currently face with political dialogue: a distorted view of free speech.
11/25/20 11:01am
With the exception of those with financial or health-related problems, there is in fact a case for international students to opt into synchronous instruction.
11/02/20 10:04pm
When a system like the Electoral College has flaws, the long-term approach should be to seek recourse and change its structural underpinnings. In the short term, however, abandoning a still-active system does a disservice to everyone else.
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