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09/20/18 9:20pm
Dubé raised ideas such as centralizing Student Health Services and CAPS, abolishing grades for freshman year, and creating programs like 'Thrive at Penn' for grades beyond freshman year.
09/09/18 5:41pm
UTime, launched by Wharton and Engineering sophomore Dylan Diamond, provides mobile access to students' class schedules and makes it easier to share the schedule with friends.
09/03/18 7:41pm
Such measures have not occurred at Penn Medicine. But Penn is still addressing "the rising cost of medical education," said Perelman Senior Vice Dean for Medical Education Suzanne Rose.  
04/24/18 1:40am
The detailed 24-page report provides evidence of performing arts groups' years-long struggle for space and a list of both short and long term recommendations for the University to consider.
04/03/18 8:01pm
The job offering was posted in late January, and from there a certain number of candidates were selected for video interviews. The final round of video interviews will be submitted this week. 
03/28/18 6:47pm
Following a racially-charged incident at Phi Gamma Delta, the Interfraternity Council planned on adding a diversity chair position to its executive board, as the Panhellenic Council did just earlier.
03/20/18 8:09pm
Aside from being the first DST chapter at an Ivy League institution, the Gamma chapter was also the first one to be founded at a predominantly white university. 
02/12/18 10:14pm
There is still no replacement for Banks-Crosson, but Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs Hikaru Kozuma has temporarily assumed Banks-Crosson’s responsibilities.
02/04/18 9:08pm
While these rules were intended to make the campus "safe and responsible," they often ended up imposing financial burdens on many organizations that couldn't afford the prices the new rules demanded.
01/30/18 7:22pm
Last year, only five of Penn's 27 fraternities met the attendance requirements for new member education programming, much of which addresses sexual assault and sexual health.
01/18/18 2:48pm
Eddie Banks-Crosson joined the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at Penn as director in August 2015 and will now serve as the director of Student Life in Wharton's MBA program.
01/09/18 9:11pm
Hundreds of students looking to join sororities were required to return to campus several days earlier than the first day of classes, but some have been rerouted because of weather.
12/17/17 3:41pm
“The more people that are aware of this issue, the more we can get done policy-wise in order to stop mass incarceration," said Engineering senior Anna Estep. 
12/06/17 6:17pm
Philadelphia sued Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the Department of Justice withheld $1.5 million in federal grant money over Philadelphia’s “sanctuary city” policies. 
11/26/17 10:43pm
University administrators have been looking into six counts of hazing, allegations of drugging, and purported instances of sexual misconduct perpetrated by Michigan fraternity members. 
11/19/17 7:40pm
The two-day conference featured speeches from Penn President Amy Gutmann, Provost Wendell Pritchett, Dean of Admissions Eric Furda, and Netter Center Founding Director Ira Harkavy. 
11/07/17 8:14pm
Students said they were influenced by Harvard University’s Q-Guide, a resource launched this fall that provides reviews and comments about different student clubs. 
10/25/17 10:50pm
Seth Williams, who resigned from his post in June after pleading guilty to charges of bribery, extortion and fraud, was given the maximum prison sentence.
10/11/17 11:01pm
The four-year college houses at Penn are: Harrison, Gregory, Stouffer, W.E.B. Du Bois and New College House.
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