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08/21/18 5:46pm
From high-profile political figures like Ivanka Trump to Grammy-award-winning celebrities like John Legend, find out where Penn's most celebrated alumni lived at Penn
12/10/17 7:15pm
As university endowments, including Penn’s own pool of assets, have increased in value, student activists have focused intently on the choices investment managers make with school money.
11/19/17 9:07pm
Penn held a design competition in 1999 for architects to submit proposals for New College House West, which was announced just this month that it will be built.
11/12/17 3:38pm
The renovated market will feature a Mongolian grill station, a sandwich carving station, as well as new kiosk portals where students can place orders and pay for items.  
11/08/17 7:08pm
Several students say this warning can add to their stress, particularly during a personal crisis, but administrators say most who receive this message are never actually banned from OCR. 
11/01/17 9:14pm
From pricey rents to citations from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, there are a range of issues that have caused eateries in University City to shut down in recent years. 
10/23/17 12:28am
This year, Penn reported a 14.3 percent investment return on its endowment, bringing the endowment’s total value to a record-high of $12.2 billion.
10/01/17 9:52pm
Students have to take additional classes and make changes to their academic load for a visa. Even then, various companies might reject them for being international. 
09/17/17 9:47pm
Some faculty members were formally notified of the recent death of College senior Nicholas Moya days after it occurred. Others never received a notification from the University.  
09/08/17 9:21pm
Moya's mother spoke of her son as "an old soul — intuitive and inquisitive."
09/07/17 11:00am
“Penn Book Center was never problematic," said Lily Applebaum, assistant to the Faculty Director of the Kelly Writers House Al Filreis. 
09/04/17 8:39pm
Living off-campus often requires students to produce large sums of money upfront, which can be a challenge for students on financial aid. 
05/17/17 1:27am
College sophomore Louis Lin said he decided to run for Judge of Election when President Trump alleged that between 3 and 5 million illegal votes had been cast in the General Election.
04/26/17 1:00am
Career Services data over the past six years consistently lists Penn as one of the top employers for recent Penn graduates: for every year since 2010, 16 to 43 students have been employed full-time by the University. This is not counting the many other students who juggle part-time work at Penn with other jobs.
04/05/17 11:51pm
Jon Huntsman, Jr. became a Quaker in 1985 — to the complete surprise of most of the over 100 classmates The Daily Pennsylvanian reached out to about him.
02/28/17 9:16pm
When preachers set up signs on campus and chanted insults against gay people, Catholics and Jews, Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush recalled students complaining that the preachers were terrifying them and insisting that their actions had to be illegal. “It’s not,” Rush said.
02/21/17 10:50pm
The email, which carried a subject line “Textbook Change,” said the decision was made because the store has “seen a steady decline in ... coursebook sales and profitability over the past several years.”
02/02/17 9:01pm
When leaving the U.S. to go to Turkey during spring break in 2015, Osama Ahmed, a 2016 College and Wharton graduate, was approached by two men in muscle t-shirts. They demanded that he follow them, and they opened their jackets to reveal guns and police badges. 
01/25/17 9:53pm
High costs for materials and projects are often not listed on syllabi, but these hidden course fees pose a problem for students who cannot afford them.
11/14/16 12:11am
Several students left the polls disappointed by not being able to vote on Election Day.
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