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05/29/18 8:58pm
The lawsuit, filed on May 22nd, alleges that the hospital had submitted invalid claims to receive a total of $9 million from a state-funded program.
12/10/17 8:44pm
Of the full donation, $150 million will fund an endowment which, after five years, will eliminate student loans for Columbia medical students. 
12/10/17 3:55pm
Heading into 2018, the ASAM program is at a crossroads. Without a director or robust physical space, the ASAM program may not thrive for much longer.
12/04/17 7:44pm
Penn Medicine has successfully run a clinical trial transplanting diseased organs from deceased donors to healthy recipients, then curing the recipients of the disease. 
11/30/17 9:47pm
From alcohol policies at sororities to the accelerated timeline of Panhellenic recruitment, here are six essential stories to read before you start the rush process. 
11/29/17 12:25pm
Registration for classes re-opened on Nov. 29. If trends from previous years are any indication, hundreds of students will work to get into a Computer Science course of some kind.
11/28/17 9:27pm
Sanders was one of four people who received a write-in vote for the position of the judge of elections for the ninth division of the Fifth Ward. 
11/20/17 11:42pm
Penn seniors Adnan Zikri Jaafar and Christopher D’Urso bring the number of Rhodes Scholars from Penn to 26. 
11/14/17 5:14pm
Amy Jordan, the associate dean for undergraduate studies at the Annenberg School for Communication and a communication professor, will serve as the chair of the education subcommittee on the board.
11/07/17 4:15pm
Kelly McCoy, a 2017 Lehigh graduate, organized a petition signed by over 30,000 people calling on the University to revoke Trump's honorary degree.
11/05/17 8:18pm
The research could help inform recommendations for healthily-timed eating habits, identify targets for medical interventions for obesity, and prevent diabetes from developing.
10/24/17 12:15am
Trump nominated Rohit Chopra to fill the open Democratic seat on the Federal Trade Commission and Kenneth Braithwaite to serve as the American ambassador to Norway. 
10/18/17 6:14pm
Grace Knight has spent much of her life working to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease which affects the lungs and digestive system — she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as an infant. 
10/09/17 10:27pm
The class, "Topics in Sexuality and Gender Law," is taught by Suzanne Goldberg, who is responsible for addressing sexual assault on campus.
09/25/17 5:34pm
A study by the food delivery service Grubhub ranked Penn the No. 1 healthiest school among all the campuses that Grubhub delivered to. 
09/19/17 6:15pm
Students held up signs that read "Don't teach us White Supremacy" and "We Know Enough about White History." 
09/12/17 10:00am
The University of California is the first University contesting Trump's ruling on DACA through a lawsuit. 
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