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04/19/18 2:32am
Experts say that it is likely that human remains from one of the oldest African American burial grounds in West Philadelphia still exist under the Penn-owned property today.
03/01/18 6:06am
Maps dating back to 1886 indicate the cemetery was located at 4125 Chestnut St. and extends eastward to a parking lot that Penn now owns and operates. 
02/26/18 11:58pm
The 'Philadelphia 2030 District' initiative launched in October 2017 and involves the City of Philadelphia, Drexel University, and SEPTA.
02/11/18 11:23pm
Penn's Climate Action Plan 2.0 was enacted in 2009 to promote green living on Penn’s campus with an emphasis on climate conservation.
01/23/18 3:27am
Two of the three Philadelphia locations proposed to construct Amazon's second headquarters are within blocks of Penn's campus.
01/15/18 4:01am
Kwanzaa was founded as a non-religious Pan-African holiday to celebrate core themes, such as creativity, faith, and purpose, which are represented by candles lit from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1.
12/17/17 5:55am
Senior Director of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement Michael Carpenter co-wrote the essay with former Vice President Biden.
11/26/17 11:01pm
Some residential programs have fewer participants than their stipulated capacity while others have an acceptance rate of as low as 30 percent. 
11/02/17 3:21am
“If Donald Trump was black he wouldn’t have made it off the block," said the 2015 recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship. 
11/01/17 11:19pm
Penn is not the only Ivy League school whose tuition hikes are above the national average of 1.9 percent for private, four-year colleges.
10/11/17 2:34am
Founded last semester, Penn Undergraduates for Refugee Empowerment is dedicated to raising awareness about issues relevant to international refugees and migrants on campus. 
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