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05/08/22 5:58pm
Alfredo Praticò, former opinion editor, reflects on his time at the DP, and his journey to graduate college in three years.
05/02/22 12:18am
Columnist Alfredo Praticò questions the methods that Sidechat has used to rise to prominence at Penn's campus.
03/13/22 8:32pm
Columnist Alfredo Praticò argues that the Penn community should vote on the fate of the campus mask mandate. 
02/22/22 7:26pm
Columnist Alfredo Praticò argues that the success of Penn’s multi-year, multi-million dollar investment into Lea Elementary hinges on Penn’s new president, Liz Magill.
09/30/21 12:51am
Opinion editor Alfredo Praticò urges people to submit guest pieces for publication in The DP.
08/05/20 10:32pm
Cohen stands firmly by the position that Penn’s economic impact in Philadelphia and direct investments to certain public schools outweigh paying PILOTs.
07/14/20 10:10am
Standard grading is designed for normal times, and these are not normal times.
05/28/20 11:11am
No matter what Penn announces, it will be a surprise and a far cry from the normal semesters of the past.
04/16/20 9:03pm
As a first-year student at Penn, I hope to give you a bit of insight on how I made my decision to come here, and what I would have changed in that decision-making process if I could redo it.
03/13/20 8:55pm
In the face of this forced disconnection, it is up to the Penn community to help each other stand tall and live up to our reputation as the social Ivy.
03/03/20 4:38pm
When you start in July, Penn will ask you to be a trailblazer. We ask you to be a trailblazer for all 20,000 of us.
02/19/20 7:12pm
By spending a summer here, we can better integrate ourselves into a community that often views Penn as an affluent island in a city where many are just trying to stay afloat.
02/02/20 7:19pm
Penn must apply pressure and encourage Bon Appétit to place a premium on broadening and improving Penn Dining’s offerings and food availability.
11/20/19 9:00pm
Our voices made an impact. We saw the specific issues we wanted changed, we came together, we worked hard, and the results we wanted came through.
11/19/19 2:13pm
As Penn makes deliberate efforts to increase student wellness at Penn, our academic calendar has to be leveraged as a tool to decrease the negative effects our campus culture has on ourselves and our peers.
11/03/19 8:35pm
Once you get past recognition, the next step is shifting conversations from topics accessible to few to conversations applicable to all. 
10/20/19 9:40pm
Let the administration know how you feel, and maybe we can lay the groundwork for a more fair, less stressful Penn.
10/06/19 6:23pm
As Penn students, we must break the old narrative with new story.
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