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03/04/15 1:10am
An internal review committee at Penn reported to the Journal in June that the error was unintentional.
02/23/15 2:25am
At Wharton, 41 percent of the class of 2018 is female. 
02/21/15 2:00pm
Penn plans to expand the program so any student can go by a preferred name.
02/12/15 3:36am
This is the first time that the unofficial holiday — celebrated on Feb. 12 — has passed since same-sex marriage was legalized in Pennsylvania.
02/10/15 12:24am
Of the four undergraduate schools, only Wharton and Nursing identify gender identity in their definitions of diversity.
02/04/15 12:03am
The Penn Athletes and Allies Tackling Homophobia club on campus is a safe place for athletes and allies to talk about their sexuality and any relevant problems that occur within their athletic communities.
01/26/15 11:10pm
With Pennsylvania's legalization of gay marriage last year, Penn is hoping that more same-sex couples will use the school's facilities to say "I do."
01/26/15 12:05am
The Penn Women's Center added a second Associate Director to streamline its objectives and make its resources clearer to students.
01/20/15 1:40am
Phi Delta Theta will participate in sexual misconduct education.
12/02/14 1:39am
Wharton sophomore Jason Choi launched his eco-friendly initiative, PennOrb, in Rodin and Harrison College Houses last week. The initiatives uses light-up orbs to measure energy consumption and encourage sustainability.
11/17/14 3:12am
Rather than abstaining from existing party labels in the Massachusetts gubernatorial election, Law School graduate Evan Falchuk created a party all his own.
10/21/14 1:57am
Penn kicked off its annual Food Week on October 20 with Scratch, an event co-sponsored by Bon Appetit and the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative promoting healthy, more affordable eating options for students.
09/30/14 1:51am

Grad launches smashable, reusable coffee cup startup

Smash Cup, a New York-based company co-founded by 2002 Engineering and Wharton graduate Ben Melinger, will launch in February of 2015. The startup produces collapsible silicon cups which can fit in pockets or small bags.
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