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12/01/11 1:27am
I’m a 25-year-old undergraduate. When I returned to school, I asked myself, “Would I be that older guy buying alcohol for his friends? Would I be out of shape academically after three years of no exams?”
11/10/11 1:37am
The only way that we can actually make progress on any of the things that need to be done is by working together and having a minimum standard for civility in our discourse.
10/26/11 7:35pm
There are a plethora of alternate career paths available to students with the initiative and desire to explore beyond what is immediately available.
10/13/11 12:44am
We don’t tell applicants to dual-degree programs that no matter how talented or driven a student may be, doing two things instead of one has a substantial opportunity cost.
09/28/11 11:20pm
Here are 12 applications that I can’t imagine being without as a Penn student.
09/14/11 11:57pm
Like a faint electric buzz, excitement about new ways to use technology is permeating throughout campus. As your tech columnist, I’ll be doing my best to make you aware of some of the cooler stuff going on.
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