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03/04/14 9:51pm

School of Nursing to adopt new anesthesia program

The School of Nursing will create a new integrated doctoral program to replace the current nurse anesthesia masters degree.
02/18/13 11:41pm
When asked whether she had an active social media presence, professor of religious studies Anthea Butler responded, “Duh.”
02/15/13 12:20am
The Vagina Monologues, a movement to combat violence against women, has been a phenomenon that has spread across campus universities nationwide. An important part of the success of the movement has been the fundraising and advertising effort on the part of the cast, crew and community.
02/13/13 8:02pm
Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with love, roses, chocolates — and boys singing love songs in four-part harmony.
02/11/13 11:09pm

Five Penn students and alumni win Thouron Award

Up to two years of free tuition, paid living expenses and an opportunity to travel around Europe for free may seem too good to be true.
02/04/13 9:36pm

New interdisciplinary Cross Current courses in the works

Cross Currents, an idea proposed by Vice Dean of Wharton Georgette Phillips, is a new set of classes being created that will focus on current events.
01/30/13 11:34pm

ISP 'tweaks' pose problems for students

While The Integrated Studies program aims to combine three areas of focus to provide a unique learning experience, some students are not pleased with recent changes in the program syllabus.
01/24/13 11:51pm

Eating without breaking the bank

Philadelphia Restaurant Week runs from Jan. 20 – 25 and Jan. 27 – Feb. 1
01/24/13 11:22pm

Motion capture technology captures imaginations

From fifth-graders from Agnes Irwin School to graduate students at Penn, everyone is captivated by the Engineering School’s motion capture facility at the SIG Center for Computer Graphics.
01/16/13 10:19pm

BFS course design grants encourage professors to innovate

The BFS course design grants, which started in May of 2011, has made huge strides in providing new and inventive courses for students.
01/15/13 12:53am

Course Absence Report system widens implementation

After piloting the system in fall 2012 with some classes, Penn administrators have brought the Course Absence Report system to a wider range of courses.
12/08/12 8:37pm

UA considers transgender and international student name change process

The initiative that would enable transgender and international students to change their name on non-legal documents and class rosters at Penn.
12/04/12 12:54am

'Flex' seats debate divides NEC and UA

This past year, these flex seats were occupied by UA members. Flex seats are seats that are not reserved for UA representatives or the Nominations and Elections Committee and may be assigned to either branch. However, after College senior and Speaker Pro Tempore Jon Monfred’s resignation Sunday night, a seat became available and prompted a heated discussion between the NEC and the UA.
12/02/12 5:46pm

Two representatives resign from Undergraduate Assembly

College senior Jon Monfred and College junior Ernest Owens resigned from their positions as Undergraduate Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore and UA College Representative, respectively, late Sunday night at the UA’s last general body meeting of the semester.
11/19/12 10:06pm

UA Recap: Transgender and Transfer Students are focus

On Sunday night, the Undergraduate Assembly focused its attention on the status of several smaller groups at Penn, including transgender, international and transfer students.
11/13/12 12:40am

UA recap: Members approve PennApps Labs resolution

On Sunday night, the Undergraduate Assembly voted 25 in favor and one against on a resolution that will allow the UA speaker to vote for PennApps Labs to work on a proposed Events@Penn Calendar for this year’s project.
11/06/12 9:43pm

New SAC chair discusses funding moratorium and future plans

Thursday night, the Student Activities Council elected College junior Jen Chaquette as its new chair. The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Chaquette to discuss her goals for the upcoming year, along with SAC’s newest funding moratorium.
11/06/12 12:43am

UA Recap: SAC Moratorium and UA parliamentary procedure

The UA had a diverse range of topics on its plate to cover at Sunday night’s general body meeting.
10/24/12 8:49pm
Huffington was ranked 29th on Forbes’ most recent list of the “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women”
10/16/12 12:09am

UA Recap: General body meeting features budget discussion

Despite having a smaller group than usual Sunday night, the UA first confronted the recent moratorium on new student group funding issued by the Student Activities Council.
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