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05/24/07 5:00am

Guest Columnist | Pomp and circumstance

My friends and I slogged our way over the Locust Walk bridge and down past Huntsman, moving just fast enough to still call it moving. We were near the back of the procession, behind the dental students who proudly hoisted their battle flag, a five-foot toothbrush.
05/11/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | Don't worry, be happy

When mom and dad ask us "What are going to do with your life?" they ask with a lot of worried expectation.
04/19/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | You've got questions, I've got answers (sort of)

Despite its Ivy League credentials, a Penn education can only go so far; for life's real mysteries, students have to delve deeper.
04/12/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | A wrongfully tarnished reputation

Penn's failure to disclose its relationship with CitiAssist has little to do with crimes committed at other implicated schools.
04/05/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | You can't always get what you want - including my address

The Recording Industry Association of America has no right to ask colleges to reveal the identities of students who are downloading music.
03/29/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | Chasing Amy Gutmann: A guide to women

Wooing Penn women involves a delicate balance of obnoxiousness, sarcasm and complete disrespect.
03/22/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | Half-baked rhetoric

To fully appreciate Baker's speech, graduating seniors have a responsibility to research the facts and tune out the spin.
03/01/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | How to come back from break felony-free

There are many options for spring break locations - some are good, some are bad, and some involve tear-away pants.
02/22/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | Putting the red in 'Red and Blue'

Thanks to Penn's follow-through on promoting interdisciplinary education, Marx and Nietzsche are making a comeback.
02/15/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | Penn's most illustrious alum - it's not Ben

It's about time the Penn community recognized that there is a former president in the ranks of its many celebrated alumni.
02/08/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | Breaking down a bad report card

Penn's overall "B" grade on its environmental report card downplays its low scores in a variety of other categories.
02/01/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | Quaker spirit worth the cost of admission

Penn Athletics' general-seating policy at last weekend's basketball game against St. Joe's should be a regular promotion.
01/25/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | Presumed guilty until proven innocent

One Bryn Mawr student's harrowing experience serves as a reminder that Philadelphia's failing justice system is everyone's business.
01/18/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | The times, they're still a-changin'

Outspoken protesting isn't just a thing of our parents' generation - it remains a viable stimulant for change.
01/11/07 5:00am

Alex Weinstein | No experience necessary

Opening up club sports to all interested students - regardless of talent or experience - is a win-win situation.
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