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12/10/17 4:26pm
Stephanie McKellop said she will not be teaching so she could focus on exams, but administrators have kept silent on their conclusions on McKellop's controversial teaching technique.
12/06/17 11:48am
Before, students could receive up to $72,584 in financial aid, whether they lived off campus or on campus. Now, those who live off campus can only receive up to $70,275 in financial aid — almost $2,500 less.
11/08/17 7:57pm
From Oct. 1 to Oct. 3, Penn students studying abroad in Barcelona were evacuated out from the city to Peñíscola, a town south of Catalonia.
10/28/17 10:46pm
Higher education experts, Penn student groups and former students of teaching assistant  Stephanie Mckellop weigh in on the controversy surrounding some of her tweets. 
10/20/17 11:23pm
Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Steven J. Fluharty said Penn is looking into McKellop's actions in the classroom, but added that she had not been removed from her program. 
09/21/17 2:00pm
Any student who visits SHS is met with this question: “In the past two weeks, have you been bothered by any of the following problems: feeling down, depressed, irritable or hopeless?” 
07/19/17 1:31am
Huntsman previously served as ambassador to Singapore and China, as well as a Republican candidate for president in 2012 and governor of Utah before then. 
04/25/17 8:56pm
A witty music video produced by Penn Law Revue, a new Penn Law School student group, has reached the finals in an online competition hosted by Above the Law. 
03/28/17 6:32pm
Gutmann said that this role will expand “Joann’s campus-wide leadership role in making Penn a preeminent leader in diversity and inclusion,” according to the University of Pennsylvania Almanac.
02/20/17 12:00am
In the past year-and-a-half, President Donald Trump has quickly become one of Penn’s most well-known alumni.
02/15/17 10:54pm
Penn records and Trump’s classmates dispute the claim that Trump graduated near the top of his class.
02/02/17 8:42pm
“For me, it would just be about Tom Brady being able to cement his legacy,” Boston native and College freshman Paul Litwin said. “I think most reasonable people agree he’s easily one of the top quarterbacks of all time.”
01/31/17 3:04pm
The junior senator of New Jersey and former mayor of Newark has recently emerged as one of the most vocal adversaries of the Trump administration.
01/29/17 8:40pm
From his appointment of human-caused climate change skeptics to his Cabinet nominees, to his 2012 tweet defining climate change as a Chinese hoax, climate science has proven a contentious issue for Trump.
01/25/17 8:36pm
As the first Penn graduate elected as the President sets up shop in the Oval Office, the brief career at the University of the only other Penn-affiliated President, William Henry Harrison, resurfaces.
01/24/17 8:29pm

High school students admitted as amici curiae in Harvard admissions lawsuit

Students for Fair Admissions, which opposes affirmative action in college admissions, is contending in court that Harvard's admissions policies are disadvantageous for Asian American applicants.
01/23/17 6:20pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian reached out to the former Economics Department head and eight professors who taught economics at the time. Only one agreed to an interview.
01/22/17 6:55pm

What does Trump's nominee for education secretary mean for Penn?

President and 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump’s billionaire nominee for the typically uncontroversial secretary of education position, Betsy DeVos, has faced substantial scrutiny.
12/09/16 2:23am
Penn President Amy Gutmann declared Penn a sanctuary for undocumented students in a Nov. 30 email. Federal immigration agents, she said, will not be permitted on campus unless they have warrants.
12/07/16 1:54am
As news and rumors of Trump’s Cabinet appointments saturate news and social media, Americans are left wondering what Hillary Clinton’s political future will look like.
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