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05/12/19 12:21pm
Although the DP helped me avoid my problems, it also provided me with the resources to start acknowledging them. 
12/04/18 11:20pm
The bill, which was introduced in October 2017, would require landlords to have a “good cause” to evict tenants or terminate their leases.
11/20/18 12:30am
Moore was named one of 32 American Rhodes Scholars out of 880 applicants who were endorsed by their colleges.
10/24/18 12:26am
Kim was motivated to become a special victims prosecutor after she was sexually assaulted in college. Sexual assault prevention is now the top issue she campaigns on. 
10/19/18 2:37pm
At Penn, Jin was involved with the Civic House and the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, which she said helped spark her interest in public service. 
10/10/18 7:26pm
While 71 percent of juniors and 77 percent of seniors live in off-campus housing, the process of moving off campus can often be confusing and challenging to navigate.
09/29/18 4:25pm
In early September, 1983 Wharton graduate Marc J. Leder donated $2 million to the Behavior Change for Good Initiative, which started two years ago. 
09/20/18 3:44pm
The new store was announced as part of an expansion throughout Philadelphia — five other Wawa locations are expected to open within city bounds by the end of the year. 
02/25/18 9:47pm
Penn has granted 1,740 honorary degrees since 1757. Only 164 of these degrees — 9.43 percent — have been awarded to women. Today, this is changing. 
02/24/18 4:57pm
Use this interactive feature to predict the outcomes of the remaining men's and women's Ivy League basketball games and see who will go to the tournament!
01/17/18 11:17pm
From June 16, 2015 to Jan. 11, 2018, Trump said “Wharton” 52 times and referred to himself as a “good student” (or some variant like “great” or “excellent”) 27 times. 
01/11/18 11:36pm
On-campus fraternities begin their recruitment process with rush events on Friday, Jan. 12 and Saturday, Jan. 13. Find out which fraternity houses are offering the best food. 
10/12/17 1:25am
Since the beginning of 2016's fall semester, 726 crimes have been reported on or near Penn's campus. These heat maps visualize the locations of those crimes and break them down by offense.
10/25/16 6:43pm
Fulfilling your college requirements can be tough. Consider taking a class that double counts to take some strain off.
05/25/16 10:22pm
According to Canvas at Penn’s blog post about the May 16th user interface update, everyone would “jump for joy over the new Canvas UI!” But to students, while a welcome change, the update was largely inconsequential.
02/29/16 12:32am
Led by a neon orange Jeep blasting “Burn, Baby, Burn," the approximately 1,000-person crowd effectively stopped traffic in parts of Center City.
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02/29/16 11:16pm

Hundreds of supporters march for Bernie Sanders in Center City

Led by a neon orange Jeep blasting “Burn, Baby, Burn," the approximately 1,000-person crowd effectively stopped traffic in parts of Center City.
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