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10/30/23 9:06pm
Former Columnist Alex Baxter reflects on the past month’s impacts on Penn’s sense of unity, and urges the community to stand up for justice. 
05/11/23 8:07pm
Columnist Alex Baxter reminds readers that their time at Penn is fleeting and that embracing connectedness is key.
04/18/23 8:46pm
Columnist Alex Baxter explores the intersection between individuality and style at Penn and in Europe. 
02/16/23 11:05am
Columnist Alex Baxter discusses the disparate and unfair experiences faced by students in Penn’s various college houses. 
02/02/23 9:47pm
Listen to the top headlines on Friday, Feb. 3 with our newsletter anchor.
02/02/23 7:53pm
Columnist and exchange student Alex Baxter compares his experiences with the sheltered lifestyle Penn students lead.
10/24/22 1:03pm
Columnist Alex Baxter argues that student groups deserve a legitimate voice on campus — not the sidelining the University presents them with.
10/09/22 3:39pm
Columnist Alex Baxter reflects on how the U.K. and Penn have opportunities to confront the crimes which define their establishments.
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