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10/16/12 11:11pm

Your Voice | Let’s actually fix the debt crisis

Let’s take advantage of this crisis to make the structural reforms SAC needs for long-term viability.
06/16/11 3:06am

Alec Webley | Trusting Penn’s Trustees

The Penn Board of Trustees needs to be more transparent with how it makes it decisions.
05/13/11 12:17am

Farewell Column by Alec Webley | Dear Penn

We have to break up. It’s not you; it’s me — you know the drill. We both have to move on. Like any relationship, ours contained its good and its bad.
04/21/11 5:43am
For our response to Christopher Abreu's column to merely be a condemnation of racism confuses the symptom with the disease.
04/14/11 4:19am

Smart Alec | A Fling for the rest of us

I wish we had a culture tolerant of more than one way to enjoy Spring Fling.
03/31/11 4:15am

Smart Alec | The universal University

By extending our hand to young people across the globe, we are not only serving our national interests. We are feeding the nation’s soul.
03/17/11 4:06am

Smart Alec | End of the Age of Forgiveness

The internet has made our pasts permanent, ready to haunt us for the rest of our lives. If we can no longer forget, we ought to better forgive.
03/03/11 6:22am

Smart Alec | Inequality without reason

The reason behind denying transexual faculty and staff benefits is simple. It boils down to two things — perspiration and politics.
02/17/11 5:56am

Smart Alec | Let students try students

Why are we honorable enough to dispense the death penalty but not to mandate community service? Penn should introduce true student juries in the disciplinary system.
02/10/11 4:35am

Smart Alec | Abolish University Council

In the place of the University Council (which is currently no more than a mothballed roundtable), create a “University Forum” where anyone can speak.
02/03/11 6:16am

Smart Alec | U.K. no longer A-OK

By ransacking its higher education to pay down its budget deficit and cutting immigration, the U.K. stands to lose great American students — including those from Penn.
01/27/11 5:43am

Smart Alec | Thinking past the crisis

President Gutmann should increase the general fee to give SAC the resources to pay fully for our least-funded academic division — student life.
01/20/11 6:18am

Smart Alec | End the over-budgeting crisis

Enacting a moratorium on new groups is exactly the one measure that will do nothing to help the current crisis. Too much money is going out to existing groups.
01/13/11 4:58am

Smart Alec | A free market for booze

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's monopoly should end. State Rep. Mike Turzai’s bill to privatize the liquor business in Pennsylvania is as good a way as any to do it.
12/09/10 5:12am

Smart Alec | Abolish final examinations

The current examination system is both unhealthy and unnecessary. Professors should eliminate finals altogether and replace them with continuous assessment.
12/02/10 6:32am

Smart Alec | The trouble was trust

DPS had the ability to send an alert if there were an active danger and it didn’t because it wasn’t necessary. We were safe. And as helpless as it may make us feel, we should trust our police.
11/18/10 4:54am

Smart Alec | To students: shout in

To everyone who submits Shoutouts: please don’t be mean. By making Shoutouts all about how much we hate each other, we have lost an opportunity to create something that will make us feel better.
11/11/10 6:16am

Smart Alec | Fund real interculturalism

I urge the new leadership of the minority coalitions to at least divest themselves of sole control of the Intercultural Fund and work with the University to use that money to promote true interculturalism.
11/04/10 4:41am

Smart Alec | An alternative aid model

Penn could implement need-blind admission for international students if it really wanted to. All it would need to do is roll back no-loan financial aid.
10/28/10 2:45am

Smart Alec | It doesn't get better

The response to the slew of bullying-linked suicides has been a touching nationwide movement to send messages to teenagers that “it gets better.” Pity, then, that it simply isn’t true.
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