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04/16/17 10:31pm
The Penn Wharton China Summit brought leaders in the fields of technology, media and entertainment, commercial real estate, fashion and the arts to Penn’s campus this weekend.
03/28/17 10:42pm
Kaufman served as a U.S. Senator for two years and currently heads the Biden Foundation
02/06/17 6:25pm
“The book started as a reaction to the election of Trump, and the effects it had on me as a transgirl, the LGBT community, and so many of us who were terrified of what the regime could bring to this country after so much progress had been made as far as our visibility and rights,” McCool said.
11/30/16 11:37pm
Thinking about grit has become Angela Duckworth’s passion and full-time job.
11/08/16 2:51am
Thirty-one slicked, tanned, toned, muscular bodies took the stage at the Harold L. Zellerbach Theatre on Monday night.
04/25/16 1:22am
Ahmir Thompson is the joint frontman of The Roots, the in-house band of ”The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”
04/04/16 1:11am
The finale of Penn Fashion Week, which is celebrating its 10th year, was Saturday’s fashion show.
03/30/16 2:21am
Twins might normally be compared for their similarities and differences, but only one set of twins can say they have been studied for their reactions to space flight versus time on Earth.
02/15/16 2:18am
Three-and-a-half days of our lives are spent untangling earbuds. This is the premise on which 1994 Engineering graduate Vanessa Chan markets her new product loopit, a pair of earbuds that rarely tangle due to a patent pending magnetic clasp.
12/08/15 2:16am
Just as there are unique Californian, Jersey and Philadelphia accents, there are regional differences in the way people use sign language across regions of the United States.
11/19/15 10:58am

Penn professor gives televised physics lesson

In the episode, which was filmed in the David Rittenhouse Laboratory, Johnson and Rees used high-speed video to discuss the physics behind what makes a ball bounce.
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