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03/22/15 10:04pm

Guest column by Adam Hersh | Perpetuating exclusivity: the superfluousness of senior societies

On a regular basis this month, we’ll all get to enjoy the spectacle of well-credentialed people in silly clothes running drunkenly around campus drawing chalk symbols on whatever surface they can find.
11/09/14 10:27pm

Guest column by Adam Hersh | New Republic, old news

Of course, then she would have also seen that students here spend their time on all sorts of projects and groups that have very little to do with employment prospects and that lots of people don’t think of their fraternities and sororities solely as “a gateway to the gilded Goldman life,” and that for every hard-partying social climber is some schlub in a library — and that sometimes those are even the same person. In other words, she would have found out that Penn is filled with human beings.
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03/02/06 12:19am

Who to root for

I guess I'll make this a daily feature on The Buzz until the NCAA Tournament (however, I am traveling to China on Sunday, so I might skip a day -- but I digress). Here's your daily dose of teams to root for in conference tournaments if you want Penn's seed to go up (that's assuming that Penn wins the Ivy title):Atlantic Sun Tournament Here, you can root for anyone.
02/17/06 12:34pm

Anything but uniform: New York redux

I won't burden you with another discussion of Columbia and Cornell's uniforms -- here's the first one.But in case you were wondering, here's Cornell's home uniform, (too much gray) which Penn has not yet seen, and Columbia's which Penn already has.In the past couple years, this trip has been red at Columbia and blue at Cornell.
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