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03/20/14 7:54pm

Abel McDaniels | A Hollow Prize?: Rethinking Affirmative Action

This time last year, Penn (along with the rest of the higher education community) was anxiously awaiting the decision of a Supreme Court case that had the potential to seriously alter current admissions practices, Fischer v.
02/17/14 5:43pm

Guest column by Denzel Cummings, Abrina Hyatt, Abel McDaniels, Diana Cabrera, Katherine Mateo and Dawn Androphy | More than a theme, not just a costume

As six concerned members of the Penn community who strive to foster multicultural dialogue, we find the general trend of parties that serve to culturally objectify and vilify certain groups on campus deeply concerning.
02/06/14 5:44pm
“Mental illness” is not like cancer, and going to CAPS is not the equivalent of radiation.
01/22/14 6:07pm
Dr. King undeniably was an extraordinary man who accomplished many great things over the course of his life. But rather than celebrate this, we have transformed him into a larger-than-life figure and given him the magical ability to serve as justification for virtually any policy position imaginable and act as a sort of litmus test to gauge contemporary race-relations.
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