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12/07/09 5:54am
Wharton Freshman, Shiv Kapoor shifts his focus from relaxing to studying as the semester comes to an end.
11/25/09 3:05am
Students in the Excelano project have found a family in the other group members. Excelano is Penn’s first and only spoken word group.
11/10/09 4:56am

Ivy reputation: leg up or crutch?

Being part of the Ivy League implies academic excellence and a certain level of prestige, but in this age of hundreds of undergraduate institutions and hundreds of thousands of students, the classification doesn’t influence people in a single dimension.
10/12/09 12:33am
Unlike most freshmen he knows, Shiv Kapoor — a Wharton freshman from New Delhi — was not nervous for his first midterm last Thursday.
10/07/09 4:04am
The prize for the winner of the Fall Fest Battle of the Bands this weekend is a headline spot in the Quad for Spring Fling next April, but the musicians anticipate many other rewards.
09/24/09 10:52pm

In 'riskier' study abroad locations, opportunities to learn

While studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain last spring, College senior Madeline Kronovet was not particularly surprised to find herself being mugged at 4 a.m. on her way home from an evening out with friends.
09/09/09 2:13am

Freshman Footsteps | Settling in: new room, new culture

In retrospect, Shiv Kapoor, a Wharton freshman from New Delhi, decided that having a roommate would have made his move-in experience to Riepe College House a little easier.
05/15/09 5:00am

Graduate schools are not diverse enough, CGS study says

Penn prides itself on having a diverse campus, representing many ethnicities and nationalities throughout both undergraduate and graduate programs. However, the Council of Graduate Schools may not agree with this assessment. Last month, CGS published a report on diversity in graduate schools at the legislative forum at the Library of Congress.
05/04/09 5:00am

More than Pennies holds food-donation event, but is frustrated by Penn Dining

Penn students are becoming famous for not eating - or rather, for donating their uneaten meals to the homeless. Since reading days last semester, Wharton freshman Ricky Oxenhandler, along with College freshmen Becca Elman and Jake Werlin, a Daily Pennsylvanian photographer, has been working on More Than Pennies, an initiative to donate students' uneaten meals to homeless people and shelters around Philadelphia.
04/28/09 5:00am

Dental students create LGBT group

Although many agree that Penn is supportive of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community, two students are trying to increase that support in the School of Dental Medicine. That was goal of Dental students Yizhaq Alkolomber and Zane Haider when they began an LGBT and ally group to increase support for those students in what they perceive to be a conservative environment in the Dental School. And so far, they say, professors have been very receptive.
04/21/09 5:00am

GAPSA creates international student mentoring program

Going off to grad school can seem like entering a foreign country - especially to those coming from one. The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly International Council is creating two programs to help international graduate students make this transition by connecting them with peer and alumni mentors.
04/21/09 5:00am

International students keep up with the news at home and abroad

Wharton sophomore Eduardo Mayoral starts each morning by reading not The Daily Pennsylvanian or The New York Times, but El Tiempo, a Colombian newspaper, online. Mayoral, like many international students at Penn, concerns himself daily with the political happenings in his native country as well as those in the United States.
04/13/09 5:00am

Dropping SAT/ACT requirement may make Penn more diverse

For some potential Penn applicants, dropping the standardized testing requirement may result in the difference between an acceptance and a rejection. A new study conducted by Princeton University sociology professor Thomas Espenshade and statistical programmer Chang Chung suggests that if colleges entirely dropped SAT or ACT testing as application requirements, more Latino, black, working-class or socio-economically disadvantaged students would be admitted into selective universities.
04/10/09 5:00am

Alum, students win honors in Miss Philadelphia Pageant

For 2007 College alumna Sophia Termini, the Miss Philadelphia Pageant last week was a great way to help pay for med school, but she will never repeat it. Termini, along with College junior Samantha Greene and College seniors Cara Bumgardner and Geneva Campbell competed and won prizes in last week's pageant.
04/10/09 5:00am

Immigrant blacks are overrepresented in certain colleges, studies say | Interactive graphic

According to a new study, black students who are either first- or second-generation American are overrepresented at selective colleges and universities, compared with those whose families have resided in the United States longer. This overrepresentation may stem from stereotypes - such as that immigrant blacks are smarter or work harder.
04/08/09 5:00am
Next year, Wharton students can experience a whole new kind of Banker's Club. Next fall, the Preceptorials Committee will offer a course on Banker's Club - a popular alcohol brand which produces such liquors as rum, vodka, whiskey, bourbon, gin, scotch and brandy.
04/03/09 5:00am
Yesterday evening, Penn students took back the night. Take Back the Night, an initiative addressing sexual violence and abuse, brought students together for a rally on College Green and to hear a survivor speak out on Wynn Commons. The event also included several speakers and slam poets from Excelano, Penn's spoken word project, and a march around campus.
03/31/09 5:00am
With their teams struggling to accumulate Ivy League championships, Penn athletes combined forces for a greater cause at the Pride Games on Hill Field Sunday - and still didn't come away with first place. That honor, along with a celebratory ice cream party, went to Team Philadelphia, which was comprised of board members of the Federation of Gay Games, "We're delighted and kind of surprised," team member Rick VanTassell said of the win.
03/25/09 5:00am

Design students preserve 'fabric' of Shanghai

During spring break, a dozen graduate students in the School of Design went to China to preserve history. Currently in its second year, professor Randall Mason's HSPV 621 - Seminar in International Conservation - is a semester-long course in Penn's graduate program in historic preservation.
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02/28/09 3:48am

Another addition to the football staff

I reported last week that Jon McLaughlin has been promoted to the offensive coordinator position after three years coaching Penn's offensive line.
10/22/08 1:00pm

Dear Abby: Meet My Parents!

10/05/08 9:50pm

Penn vs. Dartmouth Video Recap

Penn beats Dartmouth 23-10 Get Flash to see this player. Penn beat Dartmouth 23-10 at Franklin Field on Saturday. Thomas Jansen/DP ]]>
12/28/07 12:46am

MBB win at FGCU won't be easy; Jaaber tearing it up in Athens

Florida Gulf Coast is in its first season as a Division I team, hasn't beaten anyone better than Bethune-Cookman and is 3-9. But the Eagles are playing at home. At Alico Arena FGCU is 1-2, where it beat Maryland Eastern Shore and lost to Drexel and No.
04/26/07 4:57pm

Relays Day 1: A record falls

It didn't take long for a record to be set at the 2007 Penn Relays, and the source was not a surprising one.Kimberly Williams of Vere Tech in Jamaica became the first ever three-time winner of the High School Girls Triple Jump and did it with a Relays record 12.91-meter jump.Williams broke the nine-year-old record of 12.87 meters, set by Carlene Cummings of Dwight Morrow (Englewood, N.J.). Williams had won the 2005 and 2006 events with jumps of 12.47 meters both years.
12/07/06 9:20pm

Penn 79, Navy 58, FINAL

Aside from another pair of ugly free throws by Lewis, and Miller emptying the bench with 31.9 seconds left, the end of the game was uneventful, as Penn cruised by Navy 79-58.
04/10/06 3:02am

It's official

If you're reading this while sipping your morning coffee, the word officially went out late last night that Fran Dunphy has accepted the offer to become Temple's head coach.When I first heard the news, I was not surprised, but I nonetheless could not help lamenting the end of an extraordinary era of Penn basketball.
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