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Student Life

09/08/16 1:29am
The first page that precedes the glossy photographs and pages of sobering text in “33 to 40”contains a dedication that reads simply, “To the spirit of creation.”
09/08/16 1:26am
Brown was selected for the gig out of a nationwide search done by MTVU, a network geared toward students.
09/07/16 11:49pm
Whitney Stewart, who was named National Youth of the Year by Boys & Girls Clubs of America last fall, was flown to Rio de Janeiro to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the programming production set for the Summer Olympics. 
09/07/16 11:18pm
Clinton’s campaign has had a large presence on Penn’s campus by trying to get new students to register to vote in the influential swing state as well as to participate in the 2016 election.
09/07/16 11:16pm
Some students at Penn choose to major in other disciplines while still pursuing pre-med as an option. Although less common, these paths do not preclude admission to medical school as long as students fill the requirements outside of their major. In fact, on Penn’s Career Services website, it says, “medical schools do not require or even prefer a particular major.”
09/07/16 1:28am
Six protesters continued flyering early Wednesday morning as well.
09/07/16 1:25am
Political science professor Dan Hopkins cited the historically sky-high unpopularity of the primary candidates as the main reason for the appeal of candidates like Johnson and Stein, but said he believes there will be a reduction in the number of people planning to vote third party as the election approaches.
09/07/16 1:25am
At Penn, many students fail to budget time for one of the most important things in life — sleep. 
09/06/16 7:35am
Hundreds of flyers featuring an email sent by an account were posted across campus on Tuesday morning, stamped with “This is what rape culture looks like" and "We are watching."
09/06/16 2:16am
While tech companies have long done their on-campus recruiting for internships in the fall semester, recruitment for summer internships for other sectors will now take place in the fall.
09/06/16 12:42am
Faculty Senate Chair Laura Perna wrote a letter explaining what the group is looking to accomplish this year.
09/03/16 4:01pm
The class was first taught by professor Kenneth Goldsmith in the spring of 2015. 
09/02/16 11:15pm
Penn's student government is expansive, with six branches and hundreds of members.
09/01/16 12:10am
The Penn Bookstore will refund students who find required course textbooks at a lower price online.
08/31/16 11:38pm
Though freshmen are technically scheduled to attend the same events, everyone finishes their first week at Penn with different takeaways.
08/31/16 11:32pm
The campaign's second year comes at a time of heightened racial tensions across the country following several police shootings as well as a highly divisive presidential election.
08/31/16 12:59am
There were 20 disorderly house complaints on houses this year, down from 35 in 2015. Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush attributed this decrease to proactive intervention in off-campus houses.
08/31/16 12:53am
The center, which is located across from 1920 Commons, will host speakers about foreign policy and international relations. 
08/31/16 12:52am
Many Penn students traveled this summer for work, classes or pleasure. But not many can say they traveled to please their fans. 
08/30/16 10:13pm
This fall, the Penn Women’s Center hopes to continue promoting gender equity within a dynamic and changing campus community.