Student Life

01/26/18 10:33pm
Claire Klieger, the senior associate director at Career Services, said that Career Services will continue its efforts to serve FGLI students. 
01/15/18 11:15pm
How first-generation, low-income students navigate an empty campus during winter break
01/13/18 3:25am
A federal judge issued the injunction blocking the Trump administration from rescinding DACA and said safeguards against deportation must remain in place.
01/10/18 2:11am
Hundreds of students looking to join sororities were required to return to campus several days earlier than the first day of classes, but some have been rerouted because of weather.
01/10/18 12:16am
For the first time, the Latinx Coalition is being led entirely by women. Students from APSC congratulated the new LC board with the hashtag "AllWomxnBoard."
01/09/18 1:37am
The Penn Vet Working Dog Center and the Penn Museum are collaborating with a nonprofit dedicated to protecting cultural property to host a program called K-9 Artifact Finders.  
01/08/18 8:56pm
This is the second University suspension to occur this year, the first of which was announced on Friday, Jan. 5, following the “bomb cyclone” snowstorm that hit the U.S. Northeast. 
01/08/18 12:45am
The Orange County Sheriff’s Department and College sophomore Blaze Bernstein's family have used helicopters, trained dogs, and drones to try and find the missing student. 
01/05/18 5:36pm
As Philadelphia enters its longest below-freezing stretch since 2004, meteorologists warn that the next few days will have dangerous subzero windchill.
01/03/18 5:09am
 “[Will] was the type of person you could never find a bad thing to say about. He was driven to succeed, spending nights in, while the rest of us went out, to study for upcoming midterms or do work," Epstein said.
01/01/18 8:51am
William Steinberg was travelling in Costa Rica with his family when the small, single-engine plane that they were on crashed into a mountain in the Guancaste province, killing everyone on board.
12/26/17 9:28am
Larry Wittig, a longtime rowing coach who rose to a top leadership role in the Pennsylvania education system, resigned from his position as chair of the state Board of Education this week after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct. 
12/17/17 8:41pm
“The more people that are aware of this issue, the more we can get done policy-wise in order to stop mass incarceration," said Engineering senior Anna Estep. 
12/13/17 5:05am
Even though the Penn administration has expressed support of its DACA students, dreamers have no concrete path that would preventing them from deportation. 
12/13/17 1:34am
Half a percent of College students pursue three majors, which makes up a small fraction of the 25 percent of College students who graduate with more than one major.
12/13/17 12:54am
In 2017, travel bans became the biggest topic of discussion in federal immigration policy, forcing some international students at Penn to reconsider their futures in the United States.
12/12/17 2:08am
Notable speakers from 2017 include the former US Army soldier Chelsea Manning and the award-winning writer Ta-Nehisi Coates who bashed Trump during his event at Penn. 
12/12/17 1:30am
Pottruck has phased out a discount offered to student performing arts groups to reserve rooms, which has resulted in a dramatic increase in cost of the rehearsal space.
12/11/17 5:28am
From Penn's dining hall policies to the Trump administration's appointment of key personnel,  students took to the internet to pen a variety of petitions this year. 
12/11/17 1:58am
This third iteration of the travel ban restricts most citizens of Iran, Libya, Chad, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, and North Korea, in addition to some from Venezuela, from entering the U.S.