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Student Life

02/22/15 12:00pm
How do Penn's alcohol policies stack up to the rest of the Ivy League?
02/21/15 2:00pm
Penn plans to expand the program so any student can go by a preferred name.
02/20/15 12:51pm
The second floor mezzanine area will be totally renovated to provide a location for alcohol sales. Beer and wine will only be able to be purchased at this location. 
02/19/15 1:58am
Despite student concerns that the new mental health recommendations do not have an established timeline for implementation, members of the task force said at Wednesday's University Council meeting that setting a timeline was not their responsibility. 
02/19/15 1:54am
On Wednesday evening, Penn alumna Feminista Jones spoke at the Kelly Writers House’ Feminism/s series.
02/19/15 1:51am
On a holiday traditionally spent with family—with firecrackers, fish, and red envelopes— Penn students who celebrate the Lunar New Year have found new ways to mark the day.
02/19/15 1:49am
Two seniors are vying to save nonprofits thousands of dollars.
02/18/15 1:19am
Penn’s mental health task force recommendations have provoked students to question whether the administration is taking the right steps to promote mental wellness at all.
02/18/15 1:15am
Ryan Keytack left to become director of Four-Year Houses & Residential Programs at Penn.
02/18/15 12:12am
For seniors who may have regrets about their first week of college, the Class Board 2015 is letting them do it “NSOver Again.”
02/17/15 4:01am
Created in the wake of six student suicides in 15 months, the Task Force on Student Psychological Health and Welfare released its final report on Tuesday.
02/17/15 12:50am
While half of the Ivy League, with Harvard most recently joining the ranks, rely on strictly defined policies to enforce sexual misconduct regulations, Penn’s 20-year-old policy lets social norms do the work.
02/17/15 12:17am
The Pope is likely to visit either a children's hospital or a juvenile prison while in the City of Brotherly Love.
02/17/15 12:16am
The idea of Black History Month does not sit well with some black students at Penn. While the holiday is meant to be a celebration of black history, these students contend there are negative implications of having a separate month to applaud the African-American narrative.
02/16/15 12:59am
The Nominations & Elections Committee is currently looking for mis- and/or under-represented student groups to sit on the University Council.
02/12/15 3:35am
Although males outnumber females in the Vagelos Molecular Life Sciences program by 18 percent, few see need for change.
02/12/15 1:21am
We’re embarrassed to admit that we can’t handle our alcohol. No one wants to be the person who can’t go out. Nobody wants to ask for help.
02/11/15 1:03am
Credit requirements for dual degree programs and compensation for nontransferable credits taken abroad drive students to stay on campus past the traditional four years.
02/09/15 12:32am
Fraternities are not guilt-free of partaking in the culture of excessive drinking and sexual misconduct, but we cannot expect to lay sanctions on them alone and consider the issue resolved. It is all too easy to lay the blame on the highly visible Greek societies that seem to dominate the social and party scene, but they are only part of the problem, not the problem itself.
02/09/15 12:28am
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