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Student Life

02/28/16 10:00pm
Best known as the lead voice on Bob’s Burgers and Archer, Benjamin is set to speak at Penn on March 22 at 8 p.m. at the Harrison Auditorium.
02/25/16 11:45pm
On Feb. 26 and 27, over 50 students will perform in an annual production of The Vagina Monologues, put on by the V-Day University of Pennsylvania College Campaign.
02/25/16 2:13am
College sophomore Jazmine Smith is passionate about her Christian faith and hopes to share it with others in a fun, youthful way.
02/25/16 1:08am
For students who have to miss class because of religious holidays, getting access to lecture material is not always a click away on Canvas. 
02/24/16 3:12am
People of color are often underrepresented, misrepresented or not represented at all in mass media.
02/24/16 2:33am
In the case that a student screened positively for the virus, SHS would draw a blood sample and cooperate directly with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to coordinate the sample’s processing and testing.
02/24/16 2:07am
Though nursing students question whether death is sufficiently addressed in the curriculum, patient loss can be a routine part of healthcare professions.
02/24/16 1:48am
On Tuesday night, the president of HOPE Multimedia Company Domingo Guyton led an interactive discussion and analysis of the effect of language on the identities of marginalized groups, focusing on use of the N-word.
02/24/16 1:19am
The old model was an inter-College House competition to use the least power as a dorm during the entire month of February.
02/23/16 2:58am
For students who lean more to the right at Penn, a liberal political environment has various implications on lives of conservative college students.
02/23/16 12:47am
The discussion focused on smoking prevention as well as the impact of SHS and CAPS.
02/23/16 12:46am
Amid a myriad of cinematic superstars, respected directors and critically acclaimed films, two Penn alums look to add a few Oscars to their trophy cases at this year’s 88th annual Academy Awards.
02/23/16 12:45am
John Chatzky, a 1978 College graduate, invested in a transportation app, Skedaddle, in part because one of its co-founders was a rower. 
02/22/16 12:57am
Contrary to the rumor that has circulated around college campuses for decades, the “brothel law” is not the reason why sororities at other universities are forbidden from providing housing for their members.
02/22/16 12:49am
In response to the lack of females in the industry, FemmeHacks was started at Drexel University by Engineering sophomore Andrea Baric, who transferred to Penn from Drexel last fall.  
02/22/16 12:43am
Penn students registering for preceptorials this semester may have been surprised to notice some new offerings.
02/22/16 12:42am
Student reactions to Caitlyn Jenner’s Wednesday evening appearance are mixed, although those within the LGBT community tended to be more critical of Jenner’s comments.
02/21/16 11:52pm
This semester, mental  health-focused student organization Active Minds will be publishing the first print issue of its literary magazine, Penntal Health.
02/21/16 11:30pm
They say that college is a formative four years. It is the in-between nestled after childhood but before adulthood.
02/21/16 11:24pm
First envisioned in the late ’90s, New College House, is starting to take form in time for its grand opening next fall.